Pipo X1S Mini PC Android TV Stick First News and Review


As early as in the previous two years, mini tv sticks has come out on the market. The small design attracts many people attention. But the first generation of tv sticks has two questions unsolved, one is poor heat dissipation, the second is the lack of performance. This not only limits its application, but also affect consumers’ experience. For example, if you open YOUTUBE to watch films, after you watch one hour, the video starts to stuck because of high heat.


Recently, Pipo has leaked the latest model, Pipo X1S tv stick that can solve the problem well.

Pipo X1S use the U disk compact design, as long as insert Pipo X1S to the display, and HDMI port of TV, connect the corresponding power supply, accessories line can be used. It is more valuable that while Pipo X1S keep in such a small size, it is built in smart fan heat control system. When the processor’s temperature is too high, Pipo X1S will give off automatically by fan.

As for its configuration, Pipo X1S will be powered by Intel Z8300 processor, RAM 2GB, ROM 32GB. If you are interested, don’t forget to check our website to know more.


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