Planning For A Baby Cot? Options To Explore!


Different types of baby cots are available, giving you a lot of opportunities. Not only that, when you have a lot of options, you also get a bit confused as to which baby cot to choose. Well, to help you out, here are some of the varieties of baby cots that you should consider buying from. The baby cots are:

  • Convertible cots

Convertible cots are also known as lifetime cots as they possess the ability to adjust the height of the mattress in the cot. It can also become a toddler bed for a baby, and when he grows old, the same cot can be used as a daybed. It is a bit costly compared to the prices of other cots, but they can be used for kids of any age group. That’s why; the price is a bit higher, but you can use it for a long time.

  • Canopy cots

The cot with a canopy found at the top is cute and comfortable for the child to sleep in. Because of the canopy, the cot has a unique look, which is why people usually fall in love with it. The designing aspects of the canopy are something that makes it quite attractive and safeguards your baby when he or she is small.

  • Round cots

Round baby cots are new in style and deal with a room with limited space. Round cots are new to the market, and with classical and modernized design, it has become a popular choice. While you are purchasing a round cot, you also need to buy stuff similar to that. Many people who have opted for a round cot claim that it is costly, but when it comes to the space constraints, it is great.

  • Co-sleeping cots

It has three handrails, with one at the feet, another at the back, and on the sides. The uncovered side must be attached to the mother’s bed so that she can look after her baby at any time. With that, the mother does not miss out on the contact with the baby. Co-sleeping cots are of medium size, and it allows you to sleep for the time till your child is sleeping. The cot has an adjustable height feature through which you can change the height according to your need.

  • Functional cots

Functional cots are of one kind that has drawers at the bottom part of the mattress. It saves a lot of space and allows you to keep your entire baby’s thing altogether. It also helps in accessing the baby’s things easily without leaving you unattended. It also allows your baby to play comfortably without the fear of falling.

In the end!

As you can see that different types of cots are there, so with that, the designing aspects also change. All you must do is evaluate all the cots and choose the best one for your baby. Your baby will also love to receive such gifts from you. Check out the eye-catching options available at the shop and buy it today.


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