Play Bingo in style with these luxurious online rooms


Bingo is one of the most popular pastimes around the world, bringing people together and providing entertainment for everyone! And what better way of getting your Bingo fix than logging onto your favourite casino site and playing a couple rounds of online Bingo! Play whenever you want, and wherever you are with the following Bingo rooms.

Sapphire Room

When you enter this virtual Bingo room, you should expect a 90-ball game. The tickets contain individual grids consisting of 27 squares, made up of three rows and nine columns. Each of these rows will contain five numbers and four blank squares, with 15 numbers total appearing on every ticket. You can also purchase strips in this game, made up of six tickets. Across each strip, you will find every possible number going from one through to 90. In each game, you can purchase a total of six strips, which totals 36 tickets – with the chance to sometimes buy even more during a game. If the idea of all those tickets makes your head spin then not to worry, as this game also has a handy software which will cross off any number as it’s called.

When you play Sapphire Room Bingo there’s a minimum guarantee jackpot prize on offer, although the actual prize pot will be determined by the number of players or tickets that are purchased in each game. So, the more players that participate and the more tickets that are bought, the bigger the final jackpot will be!

If you’re a lover of all things Bingo, then you’ll most likely be aware of the prizes on offer and how to bag them. Be the first player to cross off all numbers in a straight line across your ticket and you’ll win the one-line prize. Cross off two lines of numbers and you’ll bag the two-line prize, whilst a whole ticket of crossed off numbers will reward you with the House/Bingo prize.

Diamond Room

Next, we have a 75-ball Bingo game, lined with luxury in the Diamond Room. Each ticket consists of an individual grid with 25 squares, five rows and five columns. All of the squares will be filled with a different number, ranging from one to 75, with the centre square left blank with a star icon filling it.

With this game you have the chance to win up to five different prizes. Of course, you have the usual prizes of one line, two lines and House/Bingo, but you also have the chance to win three-line and four-line prizes, with the lines of numbers crossed off horizontally. The one-line prize can be won with both diagonal and vertical lines, as well as horizontal lines.

Two or more players can meet the criteria for any of these prizes, whilst a single player can also win more then one prize themselves, if they have purchased multiple strips. Whilst there’s a guaranteed minimum prize pot in this game, the end prize sum is all down to how many players are involved in each game and how many tickets are bought.


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