Play games like a Pro, play only with Ovann X2 Pro Gaming Stereo Bass Headset!


I’m sure you all are going to agree with me that playing games online is really cool. Speak with others, team up with others, combine forces against the evil. But in order to do that, like a Pro, you must have a good headset, otherwise there is a possibility of missing orders or tactics during communication. Of course meaning good doesn’t mean at the same time and expensive! Cafago has a proposal for us, the Ovann X2 Pro Gaming Stereo Bass Headset, that are really very good and at a low price, since they are in Flash Sales!

The Ovann X2 Pro comes at a impressive Black-blue color if you check and the images. Specially in the dark is really very impressive, since it features LED. Comes with a 2.4 meter long cord, so you want to feel as a prisoner on the chair while playing, but you will have enough space to move around. The diameter of the driver at the end is Φ40mm. The input plug is 3.5mm + USB. The X2 Pro features 98±3dB sensitivity, with 24Ω impedance and 20Hz-20Khz frequency response. The rated power is about 15mW. The mic that features the X2 Pro is Omnidirectional and it also features volume control. The dimensions of the package are 24 x 23 x 10.5cm and weights 550g.

With the Ovann X2 Pro you can have excellent sound quality. With the omnidirectional microphone, you wont have any problem communicating with others during the game. The headset is very light-weight and has a wide headband for best wearing experience and comfort. The 3.5mm jack is gold plated and the USB interface comes with a cool LED backlit to match the whole LED design. Because of the many hours wearing, the earpuffs are made of high-en protein which are very soft and skin friendly.

With the Ovann X2 Pro I’m sure that the whole playing experience will rise many levels, so don’t hesitate and go over to Cafago now. There you will find the headset at Flash Sales and a low price of $16.15!


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