POCO X4 Series will Have 4 Models to be Released


The K40 series, released this year, brings together qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (Redmi K40 Pro), Dimensity 1200 (Redmi K40 Gaming Enhancement) and Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 (Redmi K40) flagship chips of the year, which are called “K40 Universe”, meaning there are many K40 members.

Now Xiaomi POCO will also welcome a new member of the universe — POCO X4 series, which has four models.

Xiaomi POCO X4 series includes the Xiaomi POCO X4, Xiaomi POCO X4 NFC, Xiaomi POCO X4 Pro and Xiaomi POCO X4 GT.

According to sources, Xiaomi’s POCO X4 NFC will be released globally in Q1 2022, POCO X4 GT will be released in other regions outside the Indian market, and POCO X4 Pro will debut late next year.

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Among them, POCO X4 Pro will be Xiaomi’s flagship product. Considering that Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor, it is expected that POCO X4 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm or Mediatek flagship processors, as well as large-capacity battery, super fast charging and other specifications.


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