Polyamorous relationship: myths and reality


Many people who want to be in a relationship with several partners at the same time feel shame and guilt for their desire. But modern scientists suggest looking at phenomenon of polyamory in a different way – with curiosity and not condemnation and shame.

Best swinger sites told us that recently there has been growing interest in such a phenomenon as consistent non-monogamous (CNM). CNM is any relationship in which all participants expressly agree to have several parallel partners. Specific CNM agreements can vary significantly, and there are terms that help to identify some of these differences, such as polygamy, an open relationship, polyamory, swing, etc.

Interest in these phenomena seems to be especially growing in the last decade. Most likely, this is more connected with a change in our cultural norms than with a change in our desires. Our experience with security and novelty in a relationship has not changed. But interest in exploring new options is fueled by the availability of information.

What myths exist about such relationships and how things are in reality
As with everything new and unusual, there are many myths and misconceptions around CNM relationship. Let’s try to dispel the most popular of them:

Myth 1: CNM relationship is unstable or not long-lasting.
Studies show that this is not true: CNM relationship has equal levels of commitment, longevity, satisfaction, passion, higher levels of trust and lower levels of jealousy than the monogamous one. This is also confirmed by real stories of the  Fantasy app users – one of the most popular apps for fans of an open relationship.

Myth 2: Non-monogamous relationship causes psychological problems in people.
Studies show that psychological well-being does not depend on the structure of a relationship. That is, statistically the percentage of monogamous and CNM people with psychological problems is proportional.

Myth 3: People are monogamous in nature.
It is known that 25% -50% of adults are unfaithful to their monogamous partner.

Myth 4: Men are more interested in CNM, and women are monogamous only when they are deceived or they are just trying to please their man.
There are a number of scholarly articles on how polyamory is based on feminism, encourages justice, and empowers women.

Myth 5: CNM is just a pretext for cheating.
CNM does not attempt to justify fraud or to promote breach of trust in any way. People committed to CNM agree that cheating is generally harmful and should be avoided. CNM promotes fair dialogue about non-monogamous desires in order to avoid fraud and create a space for honesty and trust.

Myth 6: Monogamy protects against jealousy.
Jealousy can appear in any relationship, and its level is much higher precisely in monogamous couples.

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