Portable Electric Space Heater Now For Just $25.99 [Flash Deal]


Portable Electric Space Heater is the ideal choice when an entire room could use warm, inviting heat. The model oscillates up to 75″ and blows air up to 10 feet per second to change the ambient temperature in a room in as little as 3 seconds.  Portable Electric Space Heater is well designed for your safety. The automatic overheat protection system will shut down the unit when the heater parts become overheated (167 ° F). The heater is made of fire retardant material to achieve zero risk of fire. Turns off the heater when it hits, perfect for homes with children and pets. Overheat protection will turn off the heater automatically when the heater overheats.

When the heater is tilted forward or backward, the disconnect switch at the bottom will automatically shut off the heater. Therefore, please put it on a flat surface to use the heater. The portable heater has a practical carrying handle, which makes it easy to move from room to room. One-touch to change temperature and mode on the slanted digital panel, or remotely control your heater from 20 feet away while you work. The hidden handle helps you move freely to keep the room warm. Space-saving and easy to store.

Space heaters with a thermostat and adjustable settings tend to be more energy-efficient since they allow you to adjust how long they run to maintain the level of heat you need. Some heaters include timers that can be set to shut off after a specific amount of time. These features can ultimately save you money on your utility bills.

How To Buy

Portable Electric Space Heater is now available on Walmart For Just $25.99 on a 40% OFF flash sale till 2022.1.5~2022.1.12.


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