Portable Micro USB to 8pin Connector Adapter only costs $1


Have you faced the awkward situation that you can use android usb cable to charge the iphones? Do you know how to fix it conveniently? Right now i will introduce a cheap and portable micro USB 8pin connect adapter. It will solve the problem for your android and ios smartphone.This 8-Pin male to micro USB female adapter is small and it fits very snuggly into the Apple series. With it, you don’t need to buy a extra new 8-Pin cable. Just use your original Micro USB cable works on your Apple series. It helps you enjoy all functions the original cable do.

Main Features
Convert micro USB device to 8-Pin
Your original micro USB will works normally on iPhone 5 with this 8-Pin male to micro USB female adapter
Enjoy all functions the original cable do
Provide data transfer or charging via a micro USB cable by using this adapter
High-tech product, compact and portable design for easy storage
No need to spend more money to buy a 8-Pin cable
Fits very snugly into iPhone5 / iPad 4 / iPad Mini / iPod touch 5 / Nano 7
It’s more durable than the older dock connector
It offers a handy alternative for people who are already to own a stock of micro-USB cables

Try this compact 8pin Micro USB Connector Adapter to charge your iphone when you leave your home or have travel outside. It will help you transfer the data very fast. We can have a nice experience of it, after all, it only costs 1.79usd right now. Are you excited?


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