Possible? Disposable with adjustable air flow, 7500 puffs and 18ml e-liquid!!! Orion bar OB 75 Review


No it’s not another disposable e-cigarette like the others… It has a huge advantage that sometimes we don’t even find in expensive e-cigs.
Here we have an Disposable with adjustable air flow!!!!!!

It’s a feature that will win over many of you “out there”!
Especially when this huge advantage is combined with 7500 puffs, with 18ml of e-liquid, with a 650mah rechargeable battery, in a small design and with flavors that will excite you.

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With beautiful transparent material that allows you to see the battery and “a little” of the rest…

It comes in 15 different flavors and here we see 3 of them. It comes in 15 different flavors and here we see 3 of them. In a packaging usual for the category, where it has all the necessary information and precautions.

The device is protected in a sealed package.

With a silicone cap for mouthpiece, so you can cover the hole when you are not vaping.

Protected and insulated and the bottom of our device.

At the bottom we can see, the adjustable air flow, the fast-charging port, and the charge indicator LED.

And an overall look at the Orion bar that reminds me of a disposable Lost Vapes THERION…
After all, it is the parent company!!!

Τhe huge advantage is the adjustable air flow and…
It has a duration of 7500 puffs, which is incredible (When we are used to such devices, having 700 to 1000 puffs) and you’ll spend a long time with it.
The other hand, the 650mah battery takes care of the long duration, but it is not enough to last the 7500 puffs. That’s why there’s a Type-C fast charging port, so you can charge it until you finish the 18ml of e-liquid it has, which is a lot. (Really, too much)
For the end I left the taste and the type of vaping.
Very beautiful and full flavor, from a pure adjustable MTL vape type. With no annoying noises and whistles.
All you need is to buy it and to charge it until you finish the 7500 puffs… it’s really good.

Visit on official Orion bar Website

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