PrepAway Guide on APICS CSCP Exam: Pass it with Ease and Become Certified Supply Chain Professional


APICS CSCP certification helps in advancing your skills and profession. It takes you a step further in your career. APICS CSCP is one of the most widely recognized certifications worldwide. It is a program tailored for supply chain professionals.

APICS CSCP certification aims at streamlining operations by testing your understanding of supply chain administrationand how you apply the knowledge and skills in ensuring the smooth running of a business enterprise system. CSCP stands for Certified Supply Chain Professional. APICS, on the other hand, stands for American Production and Inventory Control Society and it provides education, research,and certification programs for supply chain management students and professionals

APICS CSCP was launched in 2006 and since then many professionals from many countries all over the world have proven their knowledge and skills in this field, and as a result, attained this certification. In this PrepAway guide, we will take a look at the CSCP certification and its exam.

Why APICS CSCP certification is so popular?

In 2014, APICS CSCP was ranked as the best association certification. This just proves how popular it is. Here are the reasons why it is so popular today:

  • CSCP gives knowledge of how various things work together. It also demonstrates your knowledge and competence in the management of supply chain
  • It aims at promoting collaboration and cooperation.
  • APICS CSCP strives to bring an understanding of the interactions and inter-dependencies across the functions.
  • It is beneficial to supply chain professionals who may not have had working experiences in all aspects of the supply chain.

More details about APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional certification can be found on the official APICS website.

Never thought of APICS CSCP certification? Here are reasons to do so:

  • When you become APICS CSCP certified you get high chances of promotion. Thiscomeswithanattractive salary.
  • You become effective in managing worldwide supply chain strategies that focus on total visibility of the whole production process, beginning from planning and moving all the way to the supply of finished products to the customer. This ensures that what is produced is what the customer wants.
  • This certification increases your professional abilities.
  • If you are looking for a job, then this is the best certification to earn since it increases your hiring rate by over 70%.
  • APICS CSCP certification helps you maximize your company’s ERP investments.

Want to know how to become APICS CSCP certified? Then have a look at this:

To earn APICS CSCP certification, all you need to do is to pass a single exam. The certification is valid for a period of five years, and then you are required to renew it. PrepAway recommends preparing well if you want to pass this exam. APICS offers several methods to help you prepare for the exam, they include:

  • CSCP self-study– self-study involves the use of provided online study materials and offered to anyone who may not have a flexible schedule
  • Classroom-based courses– these are courses offered by instructors certified by APICS and who are available all over the world.
  • Online tutorials– these are courses offered online by instructors

After using one or all the above training methods, you are ready to take the exam. The next step is to schedule your exam and then find a designated area near you to sit for your exam.

Here’s more about APICS CSCP exam

APICS CSCP exam has 150 questions which are multiple-choice. In this case,130 questions are operational while the other 20 are pretest. You won’t be graded using the pretest questions. They are only included for statistical purposes and examcandidates are required to answer all the questions.Exam durationis 3,5 hours, and the CSCP exam score range is 200-350, where 300-350 is a pass while 200-299 is a fail.

The exam outline is based on study material approved by industry experts. This ensures that the exams are set strictly based on the existing industry standards.APICS uses a scaled score methodologyin exam scoring that provides for evaluation based on how difficult an exam is. In the end, the uniformity of all the exam forms is maintained.

To learn more about CSCP exam, visit the APICS website.

If you want to pass APICS CSCP exam, PrepAway recommends to do the following:

  • Read CSCP Exam Content Manual. This ensures that you understand the objectives of the exam and as a result, you study and revise with understanding. The manual is available for free to CORE and APICS PLUS members.
  • Use CSCP textbooksand guides for revision.
  • Take CSCP online exam practice questions and do post-questions
  • Research
  • Form study groups online or offline

Perfect tips for passing APICS CSCP certification exam from PrepAway

  • Proper preparation

Preparation involves finding out more information about the certification from the source website. Learn the exam objectives, and then look for relevant study materials. Always ensure that you come up with a study plan that works for you and follow it to the latter. Whenever you find something hard for you to understand, make sure you go over it again and again so that you are prepared even for the most difficult of exams.

  • Proper Research

The internet is full of free information for anyone seeking knowledge. Use it to research your course of interest and the resources that you would require to pass your exam.

  • Practice tests

There are practice tests questions available online on websites like PrepAway. APICS has some of the best practice tests that will help you prepare for and pass your exam.

  • Trainingcourses

Make use of CSCP courses provided by APICS. They are instructor-supported, instructor-led and self-study courses. You choose the method that would be convenient for you.

Are APICS CSCP exam dumps helpful?

APICS CSCP past exam questions are useful in exam preparation. They give you an idea of what the actual exam entails. You will find a variety of questions and answers that cover most of the objectives of the exam. These exam dumps are available online for downloads. Examples of such exam dumps can be found at reliable sites like PrepAway.

Top web resources for APICS CSCP exam preparation

  • Supply Chain Channel Online Community

Join the supply chain online group to help you learn more about your exam and the resources required to pass them. You get to learn from those who have already passed their certification exams as well as learn from your fellow candidates. Join other like-minded people.

  • APICS Dictionary and App

The dictionary app helps in the mastering of terms and definitions that are often used during the study and in the exam.

  • CSCP Exam content manual

The exam manual is a resourceful guide as you prepare for your APICS CSCP exam. It divides the course outline into major topic areas. The emphasis of each topic is indicated by the use of a percentage figure. The manual is available for free to members.


Without any doubt, APICS CSCP certification is the best thing ever to have happened to supply chain organizations. Once equipped with quality knowledge and skills, you are assured of a great experience. It is wide and very comprehensive, but with determination, you willpass your exam and attain a certification that helps you grow in your career as well as offer relevant solutions to businesses and organizations with regards to supply chain management.PrepAway wishes you a productive preparation!


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