Preview of Eachine Goggles Two 5 Inches 5.8G FPV Goggles Video Glasses Presale at $129.99


Eachine announced the other FPV Goggles, Eachine Goggles TWO, it is built in speaker, you can headphones or earphones to enjoy the excellent sound effect, currently, we enjoy more and more various videos from tv, smartphone, tablet pc, etc. But we prefer to spend our money to watch at theatre, now this Eachine Goggles Two can make you enjoy movies like home theater.


Eachine Goggles Two has 25x20x19 (cm) dimensions, 273g weight, 5inch screen size, supporting 1920*1080 pixel solution. It comes with  5.8GHz 40CH  Raceband, 7-13V Input voltage, and can adjust brightness, contrast. As for practical features, Eachine Goggles Two has nice screen quality which can not effect your watching video smoothly, it is made of silicone sets that protect your skin well. Meanwhile, it has well-performed cooling motherboard to prevent noise from watching videos. You can see as high screen resolution with 1920*1080p as your smartphone. It also has other excellent hardware such as adjustable volume, and HDMI jack.


Right now Eachine Goggles Two FPV Glasses starts to presell in Banggood first  at $129.99 from the first order to 300 orders, at $139.99 from 300 orders to 800 order, and at $149.99 after 800 orders. If you order it now, it will be shipped from November 30. So if you are a VR lover, this latest Eachine Goggles two is one of the most competitive VR glasses.


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