Proscenic M8 Pro Robot Vacuum With LDS 8.0 Offered at $369.99 [Coupon Deal]


The new model from Proscenic, the Proscenic M8 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with wiping function, has an active wiping function. I can use it to regulate the amount of water applied to the M8 Pro myself. In addition, the suction station has been optimized. The optics as well as the technology were adapted.

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The surface of the robot is very classic: a start button and a recharging button, as well as a new laser rangefinder, which wants to be more efficient according to the manufacturer. Under the device, there is the dust container (280 ml) with its water reserve (300 ml), a spiral brush, a side brush, 2 large wheels and 1 directional wheel.

Dust Collector

The dust collector has a touch control panel with its start button, a robot call button and 3 light indicators for the fan, the load and the dust bag. Its opening is done simply by lifting the cover and allows easy access to the dust bag provided.


If Proscenic has recently updated its application for iOS and Android, the information is not mentioned on the quick start guide and the QR code offered is not compatible with the M8 Pro. A message prompts you to download the new version of the application. Very complete, the Proscenic application offers multiple possibilities. General cleaning, cleaning by room, cleaning of a specific area, washing, etc.


The first cleaning takes longer than the following ones, as the robot has to get to know the house. In my case it took about 90 minutes, with subsequent cleanings being completed in about 60 minutes. At the end of the first cleaning cycle, the application automatically generates the subdivision of the rooms, which can still be changed manually, together with the possibility of assigning names to each.

LiDAR N avigation

The robot uses a LiDAR navigation system, thanks to a laser turret that takes care of the complete mapping of the house. At the end of the first cleaning, the application creates the complete map, which can be used in subsequent cleaning, as we will see shortly.


We are rather pleasantly surprised by the good performance of the Proscenic M8 Pro which offers all the expected advantages with its automatic emptying station and mop. Efficient and autonomous, it offers excellent suction performance and its application has all the required features.

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Coupon Code: PROSM8PRO

Buy Proscenic M8 Pro on Geekbuying


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