PUBG Expands Rosters With Brand New Map, Taego


The new PUBG map Taego was released on July 7th for PC. Previously it was referred to as codename: Tiger and is the eighth one added to the game. It sees the return of the 8×8 sq km map. In the past three years, this is the first map that supports this large scale which was last seen in the desert-themed Miramar map, and since then, the game mostly added smaller maps, but the fans wanted the pace and scale of the former bigger maps, and after three years their wish is granted.

The layout of the map seems to consist of a smaller island just off the coast of a larger landmass. Taego map is set in Korea, which will pay homage to the game’s parent company. The new map is more popular among the older fans of the game, and they have liked the essence of the old PUBG formula back. The game evolved to have quicker and faster gameplay because, with smaller maps over the years, players would meet more often and engage in more firefights which moved the game away from its original slow-paced nature and allowed the players to roam around the map more freely, which is what PUBG was famous for. With the constant firefights, PUBG lost a little bit of the terror that came in the quieter periods of downtime during matches. However, with a bigger map, it will be difficult to score kills.

The new map has gulag style second chance system, which includes a self-reviving mechanic, which is a new feature in this game. There is also a new vehicle update called the Pony Coupe, which is a four-seater car that should fare well in the rough conditions; there are new weapons in the form of a K2 assault rifle and Mk12DMR, which can be found on Taego.

The loot is also being increased across PUBG generally, and maps have received a loot boost between 16.5 and 28.4 percent in response to the player feedback. As usual, there is a survival pass that is based on Taego and has some bonus awards for players who level up beyond 50. There have been some visual improvements as well with the new map, like the legacy bunker has been completely redone to better reflect the story, more exit points have been added in buildings to encourage exploration.

There are new weather sets for clear, overcast, sunrise, and sunset, the building interiors have been made more realistic, and the terrain textures are enhanced. A lot of unnecessary things have been removed, like the junk from windows that previously stopped peeking gunfights and easy vaulting out of the window.

Another map has also been planned for late 2021/early 2022, which is called codename: Kiki and is of a similar size which is 8×8, and it boasts a diverse set of locations which includes mysterious underground labs and high skyscrapers, swampland to subways, and even underwater buildings, this map will be more focused on exploration.

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