Put some color at your VR EYES Virtual Reality 3D Glasses


VR Eyes is a set of 3D Virtual Reality Glasses that have a very beautiful design and is well-made. Now you have the ability to put some color on them and make them even more beautiful

Now you have the ability to get these very good 3D glasses at Red, Blue, Golden, Black/Red and Black and not in the plain white color that was before.

The VR Eyes have everything that someone will ask from its 3D Glasses. They are very well designed. The VR Glasses feature independent pupil and focus adjustment. The also have a strange but very nice at the same time sliding system, where you can pull out your mobile and interact with it. It doesn’t have a screen touch button, so the sliding system will help in this. I must also mention that the face padding is amazingly firm and soft.

VR Eyes 3D Glasses are very good Virtual Glasses to have and use. Now with the color addition, they become even better. If you want to put some color in to your 3D life, go over to Lightinthebox.com and get the colorful version of VR Eyes 3D, for just 29.99$


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