QCY T1 TWS Earbuds vs Huawei AM116 Earphone Copmarison Review: Which One is Best


Listing to your favorite playlist while on the move will dramatically improve with the Huawei AM116 Earphone with Mic and QCY T1 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, Boost your listening experience with these both earphones. Boasting rich stereo sound and a built-in remote with microphone and volume controls, these earphones combine hands-free functionality with a high-quality audio experience. Let’s start the comparison so that you will quickly know the difference between the Huawei AM116 Earphone with Mic and QCY T1 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones.


The design of both earphones is supposed to give them a more “prime” look. And we could definitely spot a few differences. The Huawei AM116 Earphone with Mic and QCY T1 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones come with a pointed silicone tip — and, addition to giving the earphones a distinct look, the pointed tips provide for better noise cancellation. The Huawei AM116 Earphones are made to be light, simple styled, wear-resisting and durable. The Earphone is designed in such a way that it combines the in-ear and traditional earphone taking the advantages of both style of earphones making something totally new and better. If you want to experience a better music quality then Huawei AM116 Earphone is the best choice for you because it is affordable and also provide better quality sound compared to the normal earphones and The QCY T1 has a long-lasting power. After the headset is fully charged, listening to music can be used for 4 hours, it can be used up to 15 hours with the charging case.

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Huawei AM116 earphone headphones with Mic for 3.5mm stereo headset earbuds interface, It’s a perfect gift for lover, friends, kids, elder, employee and so on. Super powerful driver unit, loud volume, strong amplifier. Perfect support voice calls/ smartphone universal remote control. Sound balance, no distortion, dynamic large, clear and accurate sound field positioning, able to maintain a sense of space and a sense of the scene of the original recording and These QCY T1 earphones adopt Bluetooth 5.0 and advanced noise reduction technology, provide you Hi-Fi sound quality and superb music feast. Ergonomic design provides a long time comfortable wearing and securely fit your ears. Delicate and lightweight, your perfect wireless partners, and always accompany you anywhere.


After having known the comparison of the Huawei AM116 Earphone with Mic and QCY T1 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones we hope you have been convinced to buy them. If so, and you are thinking, what is the price of both products and where can I buy it? We invite you to the Gearbest online store where you will find it available for a small price. Huawei AM116 Earphone with Mic at $3.59 and QCY T1 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earphones at $22.99 in Flash Sale. So we urge you not to wait any longer and get some great wireless headphones as soon as possible.


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