QCY T12 Review – TWS Earphone with Mic at $30.79 From Banggood


QCY is one of the largest subsidiaries of the Xiaomi brand in the field of audio devices such as handsfree. The popularity of this brand is in the production of wireless two-ear handsfree such as T5 and T3, which in addition to good quality, also have a reasonable price. One of the handsfree of this company, which is considered to be the flagship of TWS handsfree from QCY, is QCY T12.

Buy QCY T12 From Banggood


The QCY T12 size is about 15*10*5cm. It weighs only 155g that allows you to stay the QCY earphone to your ear for a long period without creating any issues. So, it will be my advice to you not to think much. Just make your decision to buy and start using it. The QCY T12 dual-ear Bluetooth handsfree has the IPX5 standard, which indicates that the handsfree is antiperspirant. In addition to these features, the QCY T12 has an app called QCY, which has been released for both iOS and Android, and by adding this device to the app, you can easily change the touch user functionality and in Android phones also benefit from the POP-UP Window feature.


With the QCY T12 handsfree, you no longer need to take your phone out of your pocket, with the touch keys on the back of each airbag you just need to memorize and operate their impact gestures. To play and stop the call, you have to touch one of the handsfree twice. Note that these panels are actually impacted and must feel the impact to work. You must also double-tap one of the handsfree to answer and end the call. Touch the right touch key to go to the next music for 1.5 seconds and do the same with the left phone to return to the previous music. Hold down one of the handsfree for 1.5 seconds to reject the call before answering. Also, tap the left handsfree three times to call the voice assistant.

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Other key features of the QCY T12 handsfree include its battery and long music life. The QCY has tried to build a flawless hands-free and has not neglected the battery in its construction. Handsfree can play music for up to 4 hours and 3.5 hours for consecutive calls. Also, with the charging dock battery, this time reaches 20 hours, and it can actually charge the handsfree 4 times. Of course, keep in mind that the declared time in the laboratory and the volume is 50% and you may receive less time in everyday use.

The internal battery capacity of the charging dock is equal to 380 mAh, which makes the charging dock slightly larger than previous models, but using the best material, the company has always tried to keep the weight of the handsfree at an ideal weight Reach 4 grams per handsfree. T12’s battery life does not end there. QCY allows you to charge hands-free with a wireless charger by placing the wireless charging feature on the charging dock.

To connect to the T12, simply unplug them from the charging dock and connect to it. This handsfree can be connected both simultaneously and as a single ear. This means that you can also use each handsfree separately; due to the type of connection provided for these headsets; you will be able to use both handsfree phones completely separately. Of course, it is also necessary to mention that if you use hands-free Monos, your call quality will be lower.


The QCY T12 uses two microphones in each hands-free to ensure a high-quality, noise-free conversation. In fact, the second microphone on the back receives the surrounding sounds and removes them so that they do not reach your audience. We can buy it from Banggood at $30.79 in Flash Sale

Buy QCY T12 From Banggood


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