QIDI Tech X-CF Pro 3D Printer Offered at $1749.99 [Coupon Deal]


QIDI Tech X-CF Pro 3D Printer– FDM printer manufacturer QIDI Tech. Productive and fast equipment suitable for educational institutions, businesses, and advanced makers.

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QIDI Tech X-CF Pro has a fairly large print area of ​​300x250x300 mm, which allows you to create batches of small parts or large products. The dual Z-axis ensures printing stability at high speeds. X-Plus has the ability to replace the extruder with a device with a higher heating temperature (up to 300⁰С) for carbon fiber and nylon printing. There are 2 holders for the plastic thread. The slot inside allows you to warm up the engineering plastic before printing, which ensures a uniform and durable connection of the layers.


Tech X-CF Pro has a built-in ventilation system. The printer is controlled using a 5-inch touch screen. Simple and convenient menu navigation makes it easy to change settings and start the printing process. Files for printing can be transferred remotely via Wi-Fi.


The heated magnetic print bed makes changing substrates quick and easy. Flexible PEI backings provide easy removal of the product after cooling. Automatic table calibration with BLTouch sensor makes setup as easy as possible, even for beginners. 20 alignment points allow for absolute precision. The 3D printer comes with a proprietary QidiSlicing slicer.

The software has a wide range of tools for preparing 3D models for printing and printer settings, as well as advanced options for printing with nylon and carbon filaments. This desktop FDM printer is a great find for professional makers, modelers, and small-scale production. The possibility of high-temperature printing with polycarbonate and nylon, as well as the presence of a closed chamber, will help to realize any technically complex projects.

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Buy QIDI Tech X-CF Pro on Geekbuying


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