QIDI TECHNOLOGY i-Mate Review – Commercial 3D Printer at $399 From Gearbest


The QIDI TECHNOLOGY i-Mate 3D Printer is an affordable and highly functional new generation FDM / FFF printer from the Chinese manufacturer QIDI Technologies. This model hit the market in 2021 and has excellent balanced performance for 3D printing at home and can be used for educational purposes. The i-Mate 3D printer is a 3D printer that can use directly after opening the box without any assembly.


Unlike many models in this price range, the i-Mate comes fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box. You just need to calibrate it. Although technically an open design, the body is design to provide increase rigidity along with a higher level of safety. Only the outer casing is plastic, while the frame of the new printer is entirely made of metal. Attached to this durable yet lightweight construction is QIDI’s signature next-generation kinematics.

It provides more accurate carriage movement and greater stability of the print bed. This is especially noticeable when printing large objects. The print area of ​​QIDI TECHNOLOGY i-Mate is 270x200x200 mm, and the platform is heating up to 110 ℃. In combination with the printer, there are 9 flexible substrates at once. Such a backing is attached to the platform using magnets. It has a layer that improves adhesion, and after printing it is easy to remove it to quickly separate the finished model.

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The extruder also belongs to a new generation. Its optimized design provides smoother filament flow and greater precision in application. The developer has made sure that the new printer is comfortable to work with. The new quiet TMC2209 drivers and sophisticated mechanics make the printing process very quiet – the noise level does not exceed 50 dB, which allows you to use this printer even in a living room. All print management is done using a 4.3-inch color touchscreen with an intuitive interface. Among other things, this QIDI TECHNOLOGY i-Mate comes with a function to automatically resume printing after a sudden shutdown. An updated version of the proprietary Qidi Print software is included with the printer. Its new algorithms have improved print quality by 30% and speed by 20%. The new version of the software is compatible with all current models of QIDI printers and is completely free.


It is different from the 3D printer with a DIY structure. QIDI TECHNOLOGY i-Mate adopts an advanced overall metal frame, and the shell is surrounded by a full abrasive design. The i-mate 3d printer is more beautiful, the printing is more stable and accurate, and the service life is longer. We can buy it from Gearbest at $399 in Flash Sale.


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