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The QIDI X-MAX 3D Printer is the top-of-the-line model of Qidi, targeting the mass market as it features the Hightemp head that can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius, abrasion-resistant composite material with glass fibers. Carbon fiber is a mixture with full features Ready to use immediately, starting from your own Slicer program based on Cura, printing via Wifi Lan or USB as needed, with a strong dual Z-axis structure, a closed system.

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The Qidi TECH X-Max provides a construction volume of 300 x 250 x 300 mm and extra-large print volumes. Even large models made of PETG, TPU, Nylon, PC, ABS, PLA, and other materials can be printed by switching between the two extruders included: Extruder A is used for flexible materials such as TPU, ABS, and PLA as well as for low temperatures Extruder B is more used for abrasive filaments such as nylon and PC and reaches temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Due to the large build volume, the X-Max can also print large models in one piece. The QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer has an intelligent design and allows you to choose between two supplied extruders. It also includes two filament loading areas (loading from the outside or from the inside, depending on the type of filament).


The QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer also convinces with a great list of features. This includes, for example, the flexible, removable, and well-heated building board. This is being used more and more in the upper and middle price range of 3D printers, which significantly increases the user experience. Due to the flexibility of the building board, prints can be removed very easily and also adhere better to the building board surface. Another feature is the cleaning air filter. This significantly reduces the odor of filaments such as ABS or nylon and at the same time ensures that harmful particles are caught in the filter. The X-Max works relatively quietly at 50 dB.

With the QIDI TECH X-Max, smooth surfaces can be achieved on the printed objects as well as layers of only 50 micrometers. The print results are highly precise thanks to the excellent air and temperature control. In addition, the QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer is extremely powerful for printing stable bridges and steep overhangs. Due to the large 5-inch color display and the numerous connectivity options, connecting to the QIDI TECH X-Max 3D printer is a real pleasure. A connection can be established via USB, Ethernet or WLAN. Any slicer of your choice can also be used to prepare the print files. Of course, QIDI recommends using the free version of Cura.

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Coupon Code: 64XWITKM

Buy QIDI X-MAX at $1079.99 on Geekbuying


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