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Ecovacs is one of the leading brands specializing in robot vacuum cleaners in the world today, its products are sold throughout Europe, America, Japan, and Asian countries. Ecovacs is always at the forefront of innovative new technologies. The newly launched ECOVACS Deebot X1 OMNI Vacuum Cleaner is really a new breakthrough in robot vacuum technology. Many new and leading smart features are applied to this product model.

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Due to the addition of a fully automatic multifunction base station, the packing height of the Deebot X1 OMNI exceeds 60cm with a bare weight of approximately 18.7kg. The robot comes with the usual accessories of a mopping robot such as a side brush, a washable mop, and a mop holder. Deebot X1 OMNI has made bold innovations in appearance design. The appearance of the robot is shown by the Danish design company Jacob Jensen Design with a minimalistic style very typical of Northern Europe. X1 OMNI uses silver as the main color, with a black body, these two colors can be combined perfectly with high-end interior decorations.

The bottom edge of the Deebot X1 OMNI has 6 look-down sensors and there is a special carpet sensor to the left of the multi-function wheel. The most obvious change on the entire bottom surface is the two openings of the mop holder on the back, the arc on the edge is a lubricating material similar to a mouse foot, the openings in the middle are the drainage holes to make a damp mop. On the back of the robot, there is an automatic vacuuming port and a water filling port to connect to the base station. The tires of X1 OMNI are also improved, the cushioning distance is longer, when the small threshold is crossed, it will be smoother, the sitting posture is more stable on the uneven floor.

Egg-Laying Wool-Milk Suction Station

The Deebot X1 OMNI has two rotating mops, as is known in this country from the yeedi mop station. Since yeedi is unofficially part of Ecovacs, this is not surprising. The X1 can wash and dry the mops independently in its base station. What is completely new here is that the station is practically the first of its kind with all the functions known so far. So she can wash and dry the mops, fill the water tank with fresh water and vacuum the dust tank.

The new Deebot uses AIVI 3D for navigation. In this way, objects can be recognized, categorized and avoided even better during cleaning. Ecovacs also presented the voice assistant Yiko, which is completely integrated into the new Deebot X1 OMNI. The user can interact with the vacuum robot directly by voice and use all of its functions. Incidentally, the suction power of the new model is specified at 5,000 Pascal, which is significantly higher than up to all models before.

AIVI 3D Object Recognition

When it comes to navigation, Ecovacs relies on AIVI 3D object recognition, which means that the X1 Omni should be able to recognize and avoid the smallest objects such as cables, socks or shoes. This works through a mixture of Ecovac’s in-house AI and 3D camera sensors, which are also used in the T9 AIVI.

OZMO Turbo 2.0

The mop is changed to a dual-rotating mop that gives its effect much stronger than the traditional single mop. OZMO Turbo 2.0 rotary pressure mopping system, equipped with two mop holders, two mops are pressed down during rotation, to achieve the same effect as manual mopping. The robot’s rotation speed is 180 rpm, along with automatic pressurization, it is easy to clean dirty water stains on the floor such as tea, coffee, etc.


As a feature that can be switched on and off in the Ecovacs Home App (Android, iOS), the robot can be used as a “ moving surveillance camera ” or “baby monitor” while on the move, by looking at the camera view of the vacuum robot with a smartphone. Certainly not for everyone, whether it can be switched off or not.

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