Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 Chip Antutu Running Sub-Exposure


One year after the release of the Snapdragon 845 processor, Qualcomm’s latest processor, the Snapdragon 8150 processor, was exposed. Recently, an online Snapdragon 8150 processor Antutu running screenshot was taken online. If there is no accident, it is the rumored Snapdragon 855 processor, but this time the name was changed to Snapdragon 8150 processor. What is the performance of this processor? Can you crush the Apple A12 processor and Kirin 980?

From the screenshot of Ann Bunny running, you can see that the performance of Snapdragon 8150 processor is very strong, and it is understood that it is also a 7-nanometer process technology, the running score has reached 362292, this score has been more than the Apple A12 processor 353210 It’s high, and the 273,910 points that the Kirin 980 processor ran out were far behind, which was really amazing.

According to the information given by the blaster, this Snapdragon 8150 processor uses 8 cores, with a combination of (1+3+4), and is powered by a high-performance core (Cortex-A76, 2.84 GHz). ) and three medium performance cores (Cortex-A76, 2.4 GHz) and four low-performance cores (Cortex-A55, 1.78 GHz), which is different from the previously rumored combination of 2+2+4. Which combination is only known after the final release.

On the GPU side, the Snapdragon 8150 runs 156328, and this run score is 20% higher than the Adreno 630. The upgrade is not too big.

However, it should be noted that these running points are not currently explained, and they will not be known until the final official release. And the name is called Snapdragon 855 or Snapdragon 8150 processor, it is not known whether the performance can hang opponents.

The Android camp currently Huawei’s mate20 series is the only one in the running list, but the highest is only 310,000+, which is far lower than the running data of the explosion of the Snapdragon 8150 engineering machine.

The three new iPhones equipped with the A12 processor scored 350,000 points, which is also the result of the loss of the Snapdragon 8150. The industry boss is definitely not a name.

Why Qualcomm beats his face because Qualcomm once publicly ridiculed the AI ??solution of Kirin chip in the interview, that mobile AI mobile phone chip does not need NPU neural processing unit, but this time Qualcomm had to bow, the latest Kirin 980 built-in 2 NPU modules, mate20’s AI features are rich, the results are bright, the newly released Samsung Exynos9820 and Apple A12 series have adopted the built-in NPU AI processing unit to improve AI processing capabilities, accurate news, Qualcomm will also be built in this time NPU module to enhance intelligent processing functions. It is a wise move to follow the trend.

Judging from Geekbench’s running scores, the single-core score of Snapdragon 8150 is not as good as Kirin 980, but it is better than Kirin 980 in multi-core scores.

Although the score of the running score has reached as high as 360,000+, we found that the running score of RAM (memory) in the 8150 running scores is much lower than that of Kirin 980, which may be related to the configuration of the engineering phone. On the flagship models of each family, there is still room for improvement in this running score, and the future is expected.

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Some peoples may say that Apple’s A12x scores as high as 550,000 points, which is more than Apple’s, but the current A12x can’t be applied to mobile phones. High-speed running points, high performance and equipment cooling capacity are closely related. There are such powerful chips applied to successful applications on mobile phones.

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