Qualcomm Snapdragon 850: The New Information On the New Chipset Came Up On the Network


At the end of last (2017), the first notebooks with AMR processors were announced. As early as December 2017, at the Snapdragon Technology Summit, Asus announced the NovaGo notebook based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and at the beginning of this (2018) year, HP launched the Envy X2 notebook, which is also based on the same processor or chip (SoC).

Compared to standard laptops with Intel and AMD processors, ARM laptops have both positive and negative features. It’s certainly positive that less battery power on laptops takes significantly longer (up to 22 hours) compared to the so-called standard laptops (up to 10 hours).

But if you use your ARMs with 32-bit Windows and UWP applications, there’s no reason not to get one copy. Especially if you are going to get ARM carriers later this year, somewhere in the second part. Namely, Qualcomm is currently developing a new SoC that will be found in this year’s ARM Notebook – Snapdragon 850. The new SoC is not entirely new, it was built on the foundation of the old but still-running Snapdragon 845.

Previously, Snapdragon 835 was first used on desktop computers by HP, Asus, Lenovo, etc. Thanks to the small size of the processor and the maturity of the technology, the computer can reach the endurance of more than 20 hours. However, because of its small size, it is obviously difficult to compete with the Intel x86 platform.

Geekbench, a well-known benchmark site, also reported benchmark tests from Lenovo’s Elze, and Qualcomm’s reference CLS model. Lenovo’s ELZE1 on May 23 achieved 1,353 points in Single-Core tests and 4,288 in Multi-Core tests. Qualcomm’s reference model – Qualcomm CLS on the same tests has gone slightly worse by winning 1.237 (Single-Core) and 3.485 (Multi-Core) points.

This Snapdragon 850 may be improved, and it has good heat dissipation, power saving, and excellent network connection technology, including the soon-to-be-popular 5G advantages, with the development of technology, the shortcomings will be less and less. According to reports, the launch of the 2nd-generation Windows 10 ARM laptop based on the Snapdragon 850 processor will be launched in the summer at the earliest.

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  1. The Snapdragon 850 platform is designed to support many of the features on smartphones for the PC, making it always connected to LTE or Wi-Fi networks

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