R2 Foldable Walking Pad Offered For €459.99 On Cafago


Treadmills has proven to be one of the easiest and preferred fitness equipment. The R2 Foldable Walking Pad comes with a solid build design that is ready to serve users perfectly. Without minding the current price tag of this product, the features and specifications are top notch.

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In order to make the performance of the R2 walking pad exceptional, it features a high-desnsity fiberboard with shock absorber, multilayer shield, and notice reduction tech so as to offer users a comfortable, and safer exercise experience.

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Interestingly, this treadmill can be easily controlled via the remote control or through the mobile App. With the foldable and ultra slim design of the R2 walking pad makes it very easy to store. In addition, this equipment weighs  37 kg and it has a folded size of; 100 x 72 x 16.15cm so as to save space.


R2 Foldable Walking Pad adopts a two (2) design functions which means it can be used as a jogging machine at a speed of 0.5 to 6km/h in automatic mode. While in manual mode, it can used as a running treadmill to reach the top speed of 10km/h. There is a portable LED display equipped on this treadmill to keep your movement data at a glance, whether under strong light or dim light.


Where To Buy:

The R2 Foldable Walking Pad is currently available for a coupon price of € 459.99 on Cafago. Apply the coupon code: TCRTR2 at the time of purchase.


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