Razer Announce OS VR Headset Without Content Copyright Limits For Everyone


Razer will announce E3 exhibition about its latest OS VR headset on June 14. Now Razer has claimed its OS VR will have no limits about its resource, any company can use their develop program. And Razer has started to sell its OS VR developing version.


At the start of building OS VR for Razer, they plan to provide complete resource. They say this is platform idea, so many softwares and hardwares will be open for developer customization,which includes virtual engine 4 with Unity 3d game engine, we allow the third party to design and build software by Windows, Android and Linux OS and install its screen, lens, eye control, camera and other accessories. Individuals and company can also join.

However, Oculus has contrary ways with Razer to take a closed way like Apple. Recently, Oculus has competed with HTC VIVE fiercely, after software updating, all HTC Vive headset can not run Oculus games, so Oculus show this action is for cracking down on piracy and building the good copyright. But it has caused many game players’ opposition. After updating softwares in few days, there is someone releasing the patches, so any of headset can run all Oculus games.

Razer wants to create OS VR to be Android in PC VR. In CES last year, he also said OSVR will put game developer, game player and hardware manufacturer together to solve the challenge together in order to promote virtual reality games to the public.


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