Razer Officially Released Project Ariana-First RGB VR Projector at CES 2017


Have you imagined that some day the games you are playing can be projected over every surface in front of you? We are glad to share with you that Razer has officially released Project Ariana Projector based on Razer Chorma glare light technology which can also be the three-party partner of Razer.

The special feature of  Project Ariana is that this is the first projector system for immersive game experience. The Project Ariana can introduce RGB lighting concept to the indoor project, built in ultra wide fish eye lens, a couple of 3D depth-field of camera and professional adjusted software, based on Razer Chroma, it can be interactive with the games in real-time to create the light and video effect so as to provide all games immersive experience from game equipment to smart lighting.

You can not only regard it as an ordinary 4K projector, but also the professional device to let you enjoy impression of extending your monitor across the whole room. Users have shown the games like Shadow Warrior 2, and Razer claims it can also support the games like Call of Duty 3 and Overwatch. As for Razer Chroma, Razer said it is the biggest RGB platform in games field until now.

Therefore, this is a new trial for Razer to expand beyond traditional gaming peripherals. As for Project Ariana price, let’s wait until Razer official news.


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