Razer Phone 3: Gaming Breakwater For Switch and Playstation Smartphone?


Despite alleged cuts in Razer, the gaming smartphone Razer Phone 3 is in the works. And apparently, Nintendo also plans its own switch smartphone, which should also give the niche market of gaming smartphones new impulses.

Just a few weeks ago, we speculated that the Razer Phone 3 will probably never hit the market because of Razer’s restructuring and layoffs. As it seems, our glass ball was a bit cloudy, because according to recent reports, Razer will certainly bring another gaming smartphone on the market.

On a strategic level, this should make sense, because even heavyweights like Nintendo should have big plans for mobile gaming platforms. Maybe Sony makes a new start with a PlayStation smartphone?

According to the information, the Razor 3 will be launched in 2019, so you can probably expect the device from the summer on. What hardware the Razer Phone 3 will have, is currently still completely unclear. One clue, however, is the Black Shark 2 by Xiaomi, in which one combines a “gaming” display with a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor and garnishes the whole thing with optional hardware.

That the market of gaming smartphones offers opportunities should also be underlined by the rumors surrounding a switch smartphone from Nintendo again. However, the task is not easy, because even if device computing power is taken out of the equation, the latency point in online games still remains as a breakwater, which may allow the Fortnite gamers of this world to distance themselves from such devices.

But wait for the Sony and Nintendo of this world too long, missed the connection. Therefore, the coming months will probably set the course, as it continues with smartphones in a cross-platform multiplayer mobile gaming world. And a sophisticated smartphone is only half the battle.

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