Realme GT Neo 3 Review: 150W Fast Charge, only 15 Mins For Full Charge


What kind of mobile phone can be called a powerful e-sports mobile phone today? In addition to having a high-performance processor and efficient heat dissipation, a 120Hz high refresh screen must also be standard. It is best to have an advanced memory combination to facilitate multitasking switching, and a built-in X-axis motor to provide better games. Feel and so on. Realme’s newly released Realme GT Neo 3 is such a trendy gaming flagship mobile phone built with professional gaming standards. It is not only equipped with the latest Dimensity 8100 processor and independent graphics chip but also equipped with the world’s first 150W light speed Charge in seconds for a better mobile phone experience.


In terms of appearance, the first impression of the Realme GT Neo3 is trendy and thin. The overall thickness is only 8.2mm and the weight is only 188g. The trendy feeling of this phone comes from the integration of the classic sports car pattern Le Man’s stripe elements into it. Create a track double stripe design that matches the aesthetic of young people. In terms of color matching, Realme GT Neo3 is available in three colors: Le Mans (blue), Silverstone (white), and Hurricane Black. Among them, the Klein blue shown in the Le Man’s color matching adopts a new blue-violet color change. The painting process makes the blue shine with a hint of purple light under the refraction of light and shadow.  The back cover of the mobile phone adopts advanced AG glass technology, which reduces the light reflectivity from 8% of ordinary AG glass to 5%, bringing a restrained, delicate and warm hand feel, soft and comfortable to touch, and not easy to be contaminated with fingerprints. . And on closer inspection, there is an effect similar to that of a supercar scrub, which is very delicate.

At the same time, in order to perfectly integrate the double stripes and the AG glass, the Realme GT Neo3 uses an offset printing 5-micron ink transfer process to make the blue and white contrasting colors show the vitality of fashion. The unique blue-purple tone, coupled with the double-stripe design symbolizing speed, makes the appearance of Realme GT Neo3 have both a sense of trend and speed.

In terms of screen specifications, Realme GT Neo3 is also equipped with a 6.7-inch FHD+ flexible OLED screen, which supports 1.07 billion color display and 100% coverage of DCI-P3 wide color gamut. At JNCD≈0.4, the display effect is guaranteed to be true and natural. The maximum excitation brightness of the screen is 800nit, and the local maximum peak brightness is 1000nit, which is very clear and bright even when watching videos or text outdoors. At the same time, as an e-sports mobile phone, the Realme GT Neo3 screen supports 120Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate, and can also intelligently 1000Hz instantaneous touch sampling.

Of course, the phone does not always display 120Hz by default, but after turning on the GT mode in the settings menu or during the game, the performance experience is fully full, the screen refresh rate is changed to the 120Hz gear, the intelligent instantaneous 1000Hz touch function is turned on, The AI ​​follow-up function is turned on, which can bring a smoother and more follow-up game experience.

  • With side volume buttons, the phone looks very thin and light
  • 16-megapixel front-facing camera with a hole-in-the-middle design
  • Bottom speaker, Type-C port, and SIM card slot
  • 150W light speed second charge

Realme GT Neo3 has a built-in 4500mAh lithium battery, and one of its highlights is the fastest 150W light-speed second charge in history. In order to preserve the safety and durability of charging, the 150W light-speed second charging has passed the German Rheinland safety fast charging certification. While experiencing the refreshing feeling of fast charging, there is no need to worry about safety issues; and the Type-C charging port of the mobile phone has also been added. More corrosion-resistant rhodium-ruthenium alloy material reduces corrosion problems caused by high-power charging. At the same time, with realme’s long-life battery charging algorithm (OTA upgrade after release), Realme GT Neo3 can achieve a battery effective capacity of not less than 80% after 1600 complete charge and discharge cycles, far exceeding the industry standard.

Realme GT Neo3 adopts a new 4:2 high-power charging architecture. By decomposing high current into two-way low-current charging, it not only reduces the impedance of the charging path but also improves the overall conversion efficiency and reduces heat concentration. accumulation. At the same time, Realme GT Neo3 adopts Battery Sense cell voltage monitoring technology to accurately detect the real voltage of the cell, effectively avoid errors caused by the battery protection circuit, and match a more accurate charging strategy during the charging process, which further shortens the overall charging time. Since Realme GT Neo3 is the world’s first mobile phone that supports 150W light-speed second charging, let’s take a look at the charging efficiency of the mobile phone at different times through the actual charging process.

When the power consumption of Realme GT Neo3 reaches 1%, we charge it. From the actual charging data, it can be charged to more than 20% of the power in 3 minutes, and the power of the mobile phone has reached 50% in only 5 minutes. , it only takes 15 minutes to fully charge it, which is nothing more than the time to get up in the morning and brush your teeth, but few people will charge their mobile phones when they are completely out of power. Therefore, the 150W light-speed second charge of Realme GT Neo3 is indeed the fastest charging mobile phone at present, giving people a more secure use experience. Even if the mobile phone forgot to charge before going to bed at night, you don’t need to wait too long the next morning. Leave the room fully charged.

It is also worth mentioning that although the Realme GT Neo 3 has the fastest 150W light-speed second charge, the size and weight of the charger are well controlled, and the size is the same as that of an ordinary mobile phone.

Hardware and Gaming

In terms of performance, this time Realme GT Neo3 is equipped with Dimensity 8100 chip. This chip is built with TSMC’s 5nm process technology. It is equipped with a 4*2.85Ghz A78 high-performance core + 4*2.0Ghz A55 high-efficiency core. Under the same performance, the CPU Compared with the Snapdragon 888, the multi-core performance is increased by 12%, and the multi-core energy efficiency is increased by 44%! The GPU uses Mali-G610 MC6, which improves performance by 4% and energy efficiency by 35% compared to Snapdragon 888! In terms of performance and energy efficiency ratio, it surpasses the previous generation by a large margin, making this chip the best choice for e-sports players.

After actual benchmarking, the Realme GT Neo 3 has achieved a good score of 810,000+ in AnTuTu, which is considered a very good performance among the same type of mobile phones at this price. At the same time, the mobile phone also uses Samsung UFS 3.1 high-speed memory chip, which has a faster reading speed and can copy, download, and install various applications, games, and documents in a shorter time. In the actual game experience, the loading speed of Realme GT Neo3 games is also much faster than some mobile phones equipped with UFS 3.0 or 2.1.

As an e-sports mobile phone, the performance configuration of the Realme GT Neo 3 has a very smooth gaming experience when running “Peace Elite” and “King of Glory”. Elite” also supports 120Hz high refresh rate in GT mode, and will officially adapt to the 120fps high refresh mode of “Honor of Kings” on March 24. For the “Genshin Impact” mobile game with higher requirements on mobile phone configuration, when the game test is performed with 60 frames turned on under extremely high image quality, the Realme GT Neo3 can also achieve close to the full-frame operation, with an average frame rate of 57.9fps.

“Genshin Impact” can open up to 60fps frame rate by default

Genshin Impact is currently one of the mobile games with the highest requirements for mobile phone hardware. During the test, we set the game to medium quality and run it in 60fps mode for 30 minutes. The average frame rate of Realme GT Neo3 is 57.9fps, the game process is very It’s smooth, and there is no noticeable frame drop within 30 minutes.150W light-speed second charge breaks through the speed limit Realme GT Neo3 mobile phone evaluation

  • The game screen can be interpolated to 90fps in GT mode

Realme GT Neo3 is equipped with a brand-new independent graphics chip, which is realme’s first dual-core gaming mobile phone. The superimposed use of the independent graphics chip not only effectively reduces the overall power consumption of the mobile phone, but also makes the picture rendering stable and smooth, and through the chip The algorithm estimates the trajectory of the object’s motion and adds a motion compensation frame between two frames to improve the smoothness of the picture so that the game without the high frame mode can be upgraded to a higher frame rate. In addition to the above-mentioned mobile games that support frame insertion to 120fps, “Genshin Impact” can open frame insertion in the game to increase the frame rate to 90fps. From the actual operation of the game screen, whether it is walking at a high frame rate of 90fps Still fighting, the picture is very smooth and smooth.

In addition, even for a long time, the gaming mobile phone has not been very hot, and this is mainly because the mobile phone has a new diamond ice core cooling system Max, which brings the largest heat dissipation area in realme’s history of 39606mm, which is higher than the previous generation. 120.86%. The nine-layer heat dissipation structure adopts the diamond gel with the highest thermal conductivity known in nature, and the heat dissipation performance is improved by 50%. With the 4129mm tempered VC liquid cooling area, it can achieve rapid cooling, so that the mobile phone can maintain a high-performance state at any time.


In terms of imaging, the Realme GT Neo 3 is a combination of three rear cameras, consisting of a 50-megapixel wide-angle main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens. Among them, the wide-angle main camera is a Sony IMX766 sensor with a 1/1.56-inch photosensitive element area and is equipped with OIS optical image stabilization, and the focusing is also very accurate and fast. It is the image sensor used in many flagship mobile phones.

Realme GT Neo 3 also has a good performance in taking pictures. Whether it is the main camera or the ultra-wide-angle, it can take clear pictures with true color reproduction, especially in an environment of large light ratio, it can handle the light of highlights and shadows well, and achieve better results. Excellent picture latitude. The built-in AI scene enhancement-mode can accurately identify the photo scene, optimize the scene, recommend the corresponding photo mode, simplify the photo process, and improve the success rate of film production. The rich filters can also capture different styles and creative photography. work.

realme also cooperated with NOMO, the famous analog film photography software, to develop an exclusive street photography filter for Realme GT Neo 3. The filter is inspired by Eric Kim’s rich color style, combined with the classic retro film style, showing a unique and strong style color filter.

The performance of Realme GT Neo3 in night scene shooting is also very satisfactory. All cameras (main camera, ultra-wide-angle camera, front camera, and video shooting) are equipped with the new self-developed ProLight super-sensitive technology, even in low-light environments. It can still take clear, clean, and comfortable photos.

With the support of the super dark light video algorithm, the Realme GT Neo3 can effectively increase the brightness by 46% in extremely dark environments, improve the picture purity by 33.7% and the signal-to-noise ratio by nearly 3dB, achieving stable and smooth shooting of 1080P@30fps night scenes video. In terms of color performance, the algorithm adds real-time scene intelligent analysis when shooting video, so that the color performance of the picture is more in line with what the eyes see.

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In terms of appearance design and performance configuration, the advantages of Realme GT Neo 3 are actually very obvious, especially this mobile phone is the world’s first 5G mobile phone that supports 150W light-speed second charging. At present, the 80W version of the Realme GT Neo3 mobile phone only costs 1999 yuan. The 150W light-speed second-charge version is priced from only 2,599 yuan for a limited time, which is very cost-effective.

150W light-speed second charge breaks through the speed limit Realme GT Neo3 mobile phone evaluation
At the same time, the Dimensity 8100 processor on the mobile phone, combined with the independent graphics chip, as well as the diamond ice core cooling system Max and other technologies, allow Realme GT Neo3 to have a game performance comparable to the flagship level, greatly improving the fluency of the game, and Nowadays, more and more mobile games support high frame rate mode. For e-sports players who pursue the smoothness of mobile phones and enjoy the game fun, Realme GT Neo3 is definitely the most valuable choice at present.

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