Realme GT Neo5 Official Announcement on February 9


Realme mobile phone official today announced that Realme GT Neo5 will be officially launched at 14:00 on February 9th, known as the “tide play esports flagship”, will offer two versions 240W and 150W, equipped with the 3.0GHz version of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ mobile platform.

Realme GT Neo5 has entered TENAA. It will have a 6.7-inch 1.5K screen with a resolution of 2772*1240p, supporting 144Hz refresh rate and 2160Hz PWM dimming, and be equipped with the first generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chip.

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Realme has announced the launch of the 240W full-level second charge in mass production. RealMe GT Neo5 phone will be released in February and will first be equipped with this technology. Realme uses a three-way multi-watt charge pump design in parallel, with a 20V 12A input and 10V 24A output. The charging conversion efficiency reaches 98.5%. It also uses a 12A charging cable, which improves the current-carrying capacity by 20% compared with the previous generation. The solution uses a 240W dual GaN mini charger with a single USB-C port, which represents a mere 5% increase in volume over the previous 150W charger. The charging head supports 240W SuperVOOC protocol and is compatible with 65W PD protocol, QC protocol and VOOC protocol.


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