WLtoys ACROSS 12428 Review – Remote Control Car at €69.99 in Flash Sale From CAFAGO


The WLtoys ACROSS 12428 4WD RC car is a fun and powerful option for remote control car enthusiasts. With a 540 brushed motor, it provides a significant amount of torque and speed. It also features a 2.4G radio control system and can reach speeds of up to 50km/h; making it perfect for high-speed competitions on the track or in your own backyard. You can purchase this RC car at the lowest prices with free shipping from CAFAGO’s Germany warehouse.


The WLtoys ACROSS 12428 4WD RC car is a high-performance remote control vehicle; that is built to withstand rough terrain and high speeds. Made from premium rubber and plastic materials, this car is durable and resistant to wear and tear. The tires are specially designed to provide stable driving at high speeds, and the structure of the car includes a super-strong frame, cockpit, shock absorbers, and motors. The four large anti-slip wheels are connected by shockproof springs, ensuring a stable and smooth ride on any type of surface. The wheels are also made from reinforced and elastic rubber; making the car suitable for rugged usage on any type of ground surface.

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The WLtoys ACROSS 12428 4WD RC car is a high-performance remote-controlled vehicle that is perfect for off-road adventures. It features a durable shock absorber that can withstand rough terrain; as well as a built-in 7.4V 1500mAh battery that provides plenty of power for fast acceleration and climbing. The car also features a receiver, metal gear, rubber tires; a front axle drive shaft, and a 540 brushed motor, all of which work together to provide a smooth and responsive driving experience. The rechargeable lithium battery ensures that the car can be used for longer periods of time, making it perfect for extended play sessions.


The ACROSS 12428 4WD RC car by WLtoys is a fantastic option for those searching for a powerful, off-road remote-controlled car. Get yours now at €69.99 during a limited-time flash sale on CAFAGO and enjoy fast delivery from the Germany warehouse.


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