Realme GT Review: Evaluation of New Flagship Series


Realme held a new product launch conference and officially brought the GT series-Realme GT’s first new product. The flagship performance feature has become the best choice for the majority of young people. In 2021, realme will build a dual flagship series equipped with dual-platform flagship chips to bring consumers a leapfrog new experience. The differentiated play will further enrich the realme product line, and at the same time, will attract more users to start paying attention to the realme brand.

As the brand new flagship series of realme performance, the GT series was placed high hopes before its debut. As the first product of the series, the GT series has to achieve a breakthrough from 0 to 1 and a final word, giving users the most extreme performance experience, let “performance” be carved into the bones of the GT series. As Xu Qi said, Realme will dare to leapfrog to the end and be an uncompromising flagship disruptor. Obviously, the real GT is here for this.

Design & Appearance

As the brand colour of Realme, yellow gives each product an iconic colour. Last year, we saw the familiar touch of yellow on the packaging of each product. Even the real meows around them were yellow all over, which shows Realme’s yellow enthusiasm. Realme GT is the new flagship product of Realme. This time, the packaging has changed from the previous style. The slender box and the black colour make it more heavy and extreme. The huge “realme” lettering on the front is consistent with the colour of the body. People want to open the box immediately to understand the mystery behind it.  Opening the Realme GT box, it can be seen that Realme has spent a lot of thought. The words “Dare to leapfrog with 70 million young people worldwide” first came into view. If you are an old user who has witnessed realme go from 50 million all the way to 70 million, I believe you will be impressed by this design. At this moment, the products in hand, the realme brand, are like partners who accompany us to grow together, witnessing each other’s bit by bit.

This time we got the colour of the Galaxy battleship. The overall colour is brilliant. When viewed from different angles, the light pattern on its back is unpredictable. When we look at the backboard carefully, we will find a shallow middle and deep texture design on both sides. It is officially called the “acceleration track pattern”, which echoes the characteristics of GT. Although the track pattern of the real GT can be seen in daily use, when you reach out to touch it, you can’t touch it. The degree of fineness on both sides is the same as in the middle. It is also because of its warm and delicate touch that some people may worry that it will become a fingerprint collector. However, the real GT uses a piece of heat-curved 3D glass, which has the characteristics of anti-drop, scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint technology. Fingerprints can be wiped off, creating a unique feel belonging to the GT series.

On the front of the phone, the Real Me GT is equipped with a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED full screen, and a 16-megapixel wide-angle selfie lens is dug in the upper left corner. The overall style is still the familiar taste of realme. When you go deeper, you will find that the real GT screen actually gave us a lot of surprises. It has a 120Hz refresh rate, which is smoother than 60Hz and 90Hz screens. At the same time, it is also equipped with a new generation of fingerprint under the optical screen, unlocking faster and more secure.

It is worth mentioning that, as a flagship product with the main performance, Realme GT is also very intimately equipped with front and rear dual ambient light sensors, which can sense the changes in surrounding brightness in real-time. With a 4096-level brightness adjustment, the eyes will be comfortable to use. Less.

Hardware & Performance

As a performance flagship, the performance of the TrueWo GT is nothing to worry about. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G SoC, the latest 5nm process technology and a brand-new architecture design, which improves performance while reducing power consumption. The peak performance of one Cortex-X1 at 2.84GHz is increased by 30%, the continuous performance of three A78 at 2.4GHz is increased by 20%, and the power consumption is reduced by 50%. Compared with Snapdragon 865, Snapdragon 888’s CPU performance is increased by 25%, GPU performance is increased by 35%, ISP performance is increased by 35%, AI computing power performance is increased by 70%, and the all-round improvement also brings uniqueness of Real Self GT. Powerful performance. To let everyone understand the real GT’s performance more intuitively, we might as well use the more general AnTuTu running points to test how many points it can run.

Judging from the results, the AnTuTu running score of Realme GT was 752182 points, surpassing 99% of users, and successfully ranked first in the Android mobile phone performance list in February. Specific to each sub-item’s running points, the real GT’s CPU score is 212885 points, the GPU score is 314647 points, the UX score is 109483 points, and the MEM score is 115167 points.

It is worth mentioning that the Real Self GT is also equipped with a “GT mode”. The system performance will be fully released in the GT mode, allowing you to get a more enjoyable experience. Of course, the GT mode will consume more power than the normal mode, but the real GT has also made corresponding preparations for battery life, introduced below.

It is worth noting that the first use of GT mode is a bit too concealed; you need to add it to the taskbar’s common task to find it; for some novices, this feature may be ignored directly.

Based on Snapdragon 888, Real Self GT also brings UFS3.1 and a full blood version of LPDDR5; whether it is game acceleration or application startup, it can bring you full pleasure.

In the AndroBench storage test, the sequential read speed of the True Self GT is 1922.16MB/s, and the sequential write speed is 761.56MB/s. The random read speed is 270.91MB/s, and the random write speed is 280.7MB/s. For the above test data, for consumers, the actual perception is that the real GT has a faster game loading speed and APP installation speed, which can bring a better experience.

So with the blessing of Snapdragon 888, how about real me GT playing games? We selected three games, “Glory of the King”, “Peace Elite”, and “Original God” for testing.

In the frame rate test of “Honor of Kings”, the average frame rate of Real Self GT can be maintained at 58.6 frames (90 frames are directly supported), and the frame rate is stable. In the global game, even in fierce team battles, the frame rate can remain stable, and the experience is smoother in the 90-frame mode. More intimately, in “King of Glory”, Real Self GT can also be in the diamond. Above 5V5 qualifying and peak tournament hero selection links, intelligently giving heroes forbade/restrained/restrained/best partner relationship Suggestions to help gamers choose a better lineup.

In the “Peace Elite” frame rate test, the True Self GT can be set to “HDR HD” and “Extreme” or “Ultra HD”. In the ultra-high-definition image quality test, the average frame rate of Real Self GT can reach 39.9 frames. During the game, whether it is an intense shooting scene or a fast driving scene, the frame rate remains stable; in the extreme frame rate test, Real Self, The average frame rate of GT can reach 59.9 frames. There is no frame rate fluctuation throughout the game, and the performance is excellent. You can play with confidence.

In the frame rate test of “Original God”, when the real self GT turned on the 60 frame mode, the average frame rate can reach 55.2 frames in a 14-minute game. The frame rate is relatively stable even in the fighting screen for the first 6 minutes. In the next few minutes, the non-fighting image can basically stabilize at 60 frames, and the frame rate of the fighting image will fluctuate slightly, but the overall performance is good.


To optimize the gaming experience, the TrueWo GT is also equipped with a 4500mAh large battery and 65W smart flash charging, which brings long battery life and further reduces the charging speed. In terms of hearing and touch, the True Self GT is also equipped with dual stereo speakers and Tactile linear motors. When playing games, the experience will be undeniable. Users who want to experience it can experience it by opening “Glory of the King”. And it also uses a brand new 3D tempered liquid cooling system. It uses a steel-copper composite internal structure and a stainless steel shell for the first time, which brings stronger heat dissipation capabilities.


In terms of 5G capabilities, TrueWo GT supports mainstream 5G frequency bands, supports dual-SIM 5G signal online, peak download speeds of 2.5Gbps, and supports Smart 5G, which can achieve non-inductive switching between 4G and 5G, effectively improving battery life; Supports the latest WiFi 6 enhanced version, the theoretical maximum rate is 3.6Gbps, the encoding is upgraded to 4KQAM, the efficiency is increased by 20%, and the bandwidth is 160Mhz, which is increased by 100%, bringing longer transmission distance and higher transmission rate. Moreover, Realme GT also brings a multi-functional NFC, whether it is a travel card or access control, all can be used, and it also supports real eBay and eID, which further facilitates life.


From 1.0 to 2.0, realme UI has accumulated a large number of users. The thoughtful functions and the aesthetics that are more in line with young people make it the best software partner for realme products. Realme GT is equipped with realme UI 2.0, a newly upgraded custom creation engine, which brings more custom gameplay. For example, the theme colour custom engine, built-in 5 major colour systems and 10 monochrome colours, you can decorate the system colours to your favourite colours.

In addition to the system colour, Realme GT can also customize the icon, adjusting the font size of the application name or a third-party icon pack.

Of course, the real GT also provides you with a variety of screen displays. If you feel that the local options are not enough, you can also choose online. If you have opened a Huantai membership, there is also an exclusive screen display.

As the performance flagship, Realme GT has also made many optimizations in the game, such as HyperBoost4.0 full-speed e-sports mode, intelligent scheduling strategy, unified control of system resources optimization of special scenes, giving you an e-sports-level experience. At the same time, there are game barrage, in-game application floating window, flashback button, game space, lightning start and other gameplay methods.

Take the lightning start; it can almost make you quickly enter the game state at all times. Within an interval of 18 hours, the game space can directly go to the game homepage with one key, jump to the studio animation at the beginning of the game, and keep the game lobby hanging in the background for two days without additional power consumption. I tried “Glory of the King” and “Peace Elite”, which worked really well. However, the premise is that you should not quit the game when you are not playing; return to the main desktop. Next time you pass through the game space, you can directly start it with lightning.

True Self GT has brought a deep-sea privacy protection plan regarding the recent hot privacy issues, which can “hid personal information deep under the sea”. When the application needs to read personal information, the system will generate a blank personal information to avoid personal real information leakage. At the same time, True Me GT also provides special security protection for payment so that every payment you make can be carried out safely.


The real GT rear camera uses a three-shot design, with three lenses, including a 64-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens. The main camera uses a Sony IMX682 sensor with 1/1.73 inches and an equivalent focal length of 26mm. Through the pixel four-in-one technology, a single pixel can reach 1.6μm.

The above is a set of samples taken by Real Me GT in normal mode. It is not difficult to see from the first two that Real Me GT’s blur ability is excellent, it highlights the main body of the picture very well, and the blurred background is also very natural. Stiff, it looks comfortable. After reading the proofs, many users must have discovered that Realme moved the camera watermark to the bottom centre of the picture this time. The overall design is different from before. This may become the direction of realme products in the future.

The above picture is a sample taken by the

real GT in 64M mode. Although the weather is gloomy and the light is not too sufficient, the real GT still shows good resolution. After zooming in, the “Wanda” on the top of the building, The words “square” can still be clearly seen. When shooting some special scenes, you can use the 64M mode. It is not recommended for daily use because a photo is about 20MB, which takes up too much space.

The above is a set of sample comparisons between real GT normal mode and ultra-wide-angle mode. It is not difficult to see that the overall picture content is self-explanatory. With the super wide-angle blessing, the picture content is more, such as the Chinese Zun in the upper left corner and the lower right corner. With a stronger sense of depth, the tiles’ visual impact on the roof is much stronger.

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Realme GT, as a realme flagship for the first year of 2021, uses Snapdragon 888+UFS.3.1+ full-blood version of LPDDR5, 120Hz Super AMOLED screen, realme UI 2.0 and many other configurations to build a high wall of product competitiveness. It is the 888 flagship with the strongest performance in the same price range. It is actually more difficult to choose a flagship product that can match it in the real GT price range. And from the perspective of product strength, Realme GT is likely to become the flagship of the 618 e-commerce promotion this year, re-interpreting the legend of Realme Q2 on Double 11.

The price of the realme GT is full of sincerity. The 8GB+128GB version is $429, and the 12GB+256GB version is $499. Among the products in the same price range, it can be said to be the most cost-effective flagship phone of Snapdragon 888.


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