Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition Review: Worth it?


Realme launched the GT Master Explorer Edition. The unique luggage design is very artistic, injecting new vitality into the cookie-cutter phone market, and making this phone a good reputation.

This year, I brought the GT2 Master Explorer Edition again. While retaining the characteristic design, it made up for the regret of the previous generation’s configuration, and all aspects have been pulled to the configuration level of the mainstream flagship.

Now we have received the GT2 Master Exploration Edition (AG Glass Edition) from True Self. Compared with the previous generation, the main upgrades of Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition are:

1. Performance

The first batch of Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition is equipped with Snapdragon 8+. Realme debuts LPDDP5X memory, plus UFS3.1 flash memory, it can be said to be a new generation of flagship “performance three-piece set”.

The new generation of Snapdragon 8+ processors adopts TSMC’s process technology, and the improvement is mainly reflected in the increase of CPU/GPU frequency, the overall performance has been improved by 10%, and the energy efficiency ratio has also been improved by 30%. Realme’s first LPDDR5X memory reduces power consumption by 20% while maintaining high-speed transmission.

2. X7 independent graphics chip

One of the best features of the Realme series is the independent graphics chip. The Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition launched the latest X7 independent graphics chip, which supports up to 4 times (30FPS inserted 120FPS) frame insertion technology. Ultra-smooth gaming experience with frame rate, high image quality, low latency, and low power consumption.

3. 6.7-inch straight screen

The Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition screen uses a 6.7-inch 120Hz high-brush AMOLED straight screen with a resolution of FHD+ (2412×1080), DCI-P3 color gamut, and 1.07 billion color display.

In terms of game experience, it also supports a 360Hz touch sampling rate, which can reach 1000Hz instantaneously. It also debuts true hidden pressure-sensitive shoulder keys, which have a longer lifespan than mechanical shoulder keys, taking into account both functionality and aesthetics.

4. Appearance

In terms of appearance, the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition can be said to be the ultimate. With a body of 8.17mm and a weight of 199g (AG glass version), it is difficult to find an opponent in the models equipped with the Snapdragon 8+ processor on the market.

Although a right-angle middle frame is used, the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition does not sacrifice its hand feel. The screen and back panel are carefully polished with a 46° high-brightness C-angle design, and the middle frame is used in the transition from the middle frame. The R angle is ergonomically designed to ensure that the user does not feel cut when holding it.

5. 100W light speed second charge

One of the improvements of the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is that it has a 5000mAh large battery under the thin enough body, and is equipped with a 100W light-speed second charge. It can be said that there is no shortcoming in the experience.

Next, let’s take a look at the performance of this Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition.

Design & Screen

Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition uses a 6.7-inch OLED straight screen on the front, supports 120Hz refresh rate, 5000000:1 contrast ratio, 1.07 billion color display, P3 color gamut display, local brightness up to 1000nits, passed HDR10+ certification, the screen quality is very good, and the display is also very good.

To avoid scratches caused by daily friction, the screen surface of Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is also covered with 5th-generation Corning Gorilla Glass. Because a new generation of COP packages is adopted, the plastic bracket between the screen and the frame is removed, and the metal and glass are directly combined, thus realizing a very narrow frame.

The border width of the left and right sides of the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is only 1.48mm, the top is 1.84mm, the chin is 2.37mm, and the screen ratio is 94.2%. This is also the mobile phone with the highest screen ratio in the history of the real family mobile phone, bringing the visual effect of “full screen on the front”.

The back is relatively simple, facing the light to bring the vision of frosted material, custom-grade 2.5D glass. The new MSI ice-sensing AG process is also used in the process, which brings a very delicate touch to the glass surface on the back, which is relatively cool.

The author has used it for about 3 days, and the back does not leave too obvious fingerprints. Even if there is hand sweat, it will evaporate quickly, so that the back can show the best appearance at any time.

The rear camera is the IMX766 main camera lens + 150° ultra-wide-angle lens + microscope lens three-shot solution. Among them, the main camera supports full-pixel omnidirectional focusing, and OIS+EIS dual anti-shake, which can obtain clear image effects when shooting moving objects in daily life.

The physical buttons of the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition are all on the left and right sides of the middle frame of the fuselage. The edge R corners are ergonomically designed to better fit the palm shape, making the palm more comfortable when holding it, and avoiding the feeling of cutting.

The thickness of the real me GT2 Master Explorer Edition is only 8.17mm, and the weight is only 199g, which is very thin and light. The top and bottom middle frame parts have upper and lower dual microphones, a Type-C interface, a speaker opening interface, etc. A 100W power adapter is included in the package, and the maximum output specification is 11V9.1A.


The core configuration of the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is “Snapdragon 8+” + “LPDDR5x” + “UFS3.1”, forming a new generation of flagship “performance three-piece set”.

Among them, the Snapdragon 8+ adopts TSMC’s 4nm process, and the specifications are 1 3.2GHz Cortex-X2 super core + 3 2.75GHz A710 large cores + 4 2.0GHz A510 small cores, and the GPU is Adreno730.

In this generation of Snapdragon 8+, compared with the previous generation of Snapdragon 8, the main change is the increase in the X2 super core and GPU frequency.

Officials claim that the CPU performance is improved by 10%, the CPU/GPU power consumption is reduced by 30%, the overall power consumption of the Soc is reduced by 15%, and the energy efficiency of the seventh-generation Qualcomm AI engine is improved by 20%.

Now let’s take a look at the performance benchmarks and gaming performance of the Snapdragon 8+.


AnTuTu scored 1,061,453 points, surpassing nearly 99% of users. Such a score is relatively easy for the Snapdragon 8+. Among them, the CPU score is 245764 points, the GPU score is 462531 points, the memory score is 175968 points, and the UX score is 177190 points.

GeekBench 5

In GeekBench 5, the Snapdragon 8+ scored 1338 in single-core and 4130 in multi-core. Through the comparison of the Soc rankings of fast technology mobile phones, this generation of Snapdragon 8+ has increased by 8.8% and 7.6% in single-core and multi-core respectively, and the multi-core score is close to that of Apple A14.


Compared with the previous generation of Snapdragon 8, this generation of Snapdragon 8+ leads the 6 projects of Aztec Ruin OpenGL, Aztec Ruin Vulkan, Racing Chase, Manhattan 3.1, Manhattan, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, respectively, leading by 6%, 3.1%, 6.2%, 3.4%, 1.6%, 7.0%.


In terms of flash memory, UFS 3.1 is used, which reads 1.7GB/s sequentially and writes 1.6GB/s sequentially, which is the flagship level. Because this generation of Snapdragon 8+ mainly increases the frequency of CPU/GPU, the overall performance is in line with the expectation of a 10% increase. In addition, TSMC’s process technology has been replaced, so that the temperature of the Snapdragon 8+ in daily life and games has been improved. Next, let’s experience it in the game.

Game test

Pressure-sensitive shoulder keys

In terms of game experience, the Realme GT2 Master Discovery Edition first released the real hidden pressure-sensitive shoulder keys, bringing users an e-sports-level gaming experience and making the gaming experience more convenient.

Users only need to exhale the game box on the side to open the pressure-sensitive shoulder keys. It supports two mapping methods of a single key and double key and supports up to four touch keys, which is enough for most users.

The above picture is taken as an example. In the game, you can select the corresponding function position. During operation, you can directly trigger the corresponding skill by long pressing without letting go, reducing the click operation.

The pressure-sensitive shoulder key also supports a one-click recommendation scenario definition. Existing games support Peace Elite, King of Glory, QQ Speed, League of Legends, and Genshin Impact. Just enter the recommended configuration page, and the applicable key position scheme that matches the game can be automatically set.

Game experience

1. Yuanshen

For “Yuanshen Impact”, I believe readers know that this game is a big heat generator, and the requirements for mobile phone performance release and power consumption adjustment are not low. There are very few on the market that can stabilize 60+ unless a heat dissipation back clip is added.

Now, the author is in a room temperature environment of 26~28 degrees Celsius, without the help of a heat dissipation back clip, to see the specific performance of “Yuan Shen”.

In Genshin Impact, we changed the picture quality to very high and the frame rate to 60 frames.

From the monitoring data of these 20 minutes, except for the fluctuation caused by map loading, in the case of fewer monsters or only running maps, it can be maintained at about 60 frames, and the average frame rate can reach 58.2 frames, which is also close to full frame.

However, because the software can only detect the data of the main chip, it does not support the detection of the X7 independent display chip, but it can also be seen that the power consumption of the Snapdragon 8+ is also very low during the game, only 4.436W (software compatibility problem, dual The battery of the cell needs ×2 to be the actual power consumption data, that is, 2218×2=4436), which is lower than most mobile phones on the market.

If the game frame insertion is turned on, the X7 independent graphics chip can further reduce the graphics rendering pressure of the Snapdragon 8+ and reduce the power consumption of the game. The benefits are also very obvious, which can make the number of game frames more stable.

After playing “Genshin Impact” for 20 minutes, the highest temperature on the back of Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition is the area where the Snapdragon 8+ chip is located, which is 42.3 degrees Celsius, and the performance is stable at 60 frames. This kind of performance can be said to be very excellent.

2. One Piece Blood Route

The X7 independent graphics chip supports up to 4 times (30fps plugged into 120fps) frame insertion technology, claiming that it can greatly reduce power consumption while also having a high frame rate experience comparable to the native 120fps. At this stage, there is such a game as “One Piece Passionate Route” “Support, let’s experience it.

In the picture quality of “One Piece Blood Route”, we choose 120 frames for low power consumption and 30 frames for the gameplay frame rate.

The developer set to turn on the frame number display, and the frame rate of the screen is displayed at 120, but the real-time frame rate is not displayed here, but the maximum number of frames that can be displayed in this game.

The number of frames here is basically 30 frames without much fluctuation, and it is very stable, and the author personally experienced that under the 120 frames achieved by frame insertion, the performance of the game experience is indeed much smoother, and the picture loss is not obvious. It can be seen that The X7 independent graphics chip is becoming more and more mature for frame insertion technology.

As we mentioned earlier, because the software can only detect the number of native frames, it cannot display the number of frames achieved by interpolated frames.

That is to say, even if the native image quality output is 30 frames, but the frame is inserted to 120 frames, the monitoring software only displays 30 frames.

During the game, the power consumption of Snapdragon 8+ in “One Piece” is half lower than that of “Genshin Impact”, only 2.33W (dual battery is 1165W×2=2230).

After 10 minutes of playing “One Piece”, the temperature is not too high. The area where the Snapdragon 8+ chip is located is only 37 degrees Celsius, and the back of the fuselage is only 35.2 degrees Celsius. This temperature does not affect the long-term use of the hand. play games.


The main camera of the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is a 50-megapixel Sony IMX 766, which is a 1/1.56-inch emperor, which brings stronger photosensitive ability, can synthesize 2.0um large pixels, and also supports full-pixel omnidirectional focusing, as well as OIS+EIS Double anti-shake.

It is supplemented by a 50-megapixel ultra-high-pixel 150° ultra-wide-angle lens + a microscope lens to form a triple camera, of which the 150° ultra-wide-angle lens is currently the largest mobile phone wide-angle lens in the industry, which can bring a wider field of view.

In the above primary camera automatic mode, the daytime proofs and nighttime proofs are shot, no matter the clouds in the sky or the layering of the night lights, the details are restored very well, the proofs are pure enough, and the colors are very pleasing, and the latitude performance is also very impressive.

Although IMX766 is not the latest model, it must be the most used sensor on the market. Its comprehensive strength belongs to the upper-middle level. It is adopted by major manufacturers and is also one of the most mature sensors for tuning. The 150° ultra-wide angle brings a wide enough viewing angle to record wider architectural scenes.

In the experience process, the shortcomings of the ultra-wide-angle lens are also obvious. If you shoot on the ground, it is easy to cause obvious distortion of the surrounding area. The solution is also very simple, you can choose a high point or find a suitable angle to avoid such problems when shooting.

This microscope lens supports 20x magnification and digital zoom up to 40x, which can meet the needs of users to shoot details of objects, such as surface texture, screen pixels, etc. The Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition integrates the skin texture and skin moisture detection functions on the mobile phone for the first time, and you only need to tap the skin surface to know the state of your skin.


The Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition is packed with a 5000mAh battery in a thin enough body, and it also supports a 100W fast charging solution.

In terms of safety, the Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition is the first to launch full-link GaN 100-watt-second charging, with built-in 38 safety protection measures, battery health engine, etc., to protect users’ charging safety. 100W light-speed second charge only takes 10 minutes to charge to 57%, 20 minutes to 94%, and 24 minutes to full blood.


For the battery life, we use the professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology to test. For the test items, we chose the limit battery endurance test, and checked all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing, simulating user usage scenarios and restoring the real load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the real power consumption.

We set the manual 50% brightness and the default refresh rate to intelligent switching. From 100% battery to shutdown, the hardware dog gave a battery life result of 10 hours and 12 minutes. This result shows that the power consumption of the Snapdragon 8+ has been significantly improved, and the optimization of readme UI 3.0 allows users to go out for a day without fear of incontinence.

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The previous generation of True GT Master Exploration Edition can be said to be Trump’s thinking and exploration of trendy design, so it is not radical in performance, which is a little regrettable.

The newly launched Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition of this generation does not compromise on performance and battery life in a body as thin as 8.17mm and as light as 199g. With the use of the Snapdragon 8+ processor, even With a large battery of 5000 mAh, under the same volume, there are not many models that can take into account both performance and large batteries.

In terms of performance, in addition to using the Snapdragon 8+ processor, I launched the LPDDR5X memory and pulled the specifications to the mainstream flagship level. There is no regret in the performance.

This new generation of Snapdragon 8+ has finally brought the heat and power consumption back to normal levels. In addition to the first X7 independent graphics chip and the adjustment of the real self, even the serious “Yuan Shen”, the power consumption is only 4.4W, the temperature is 42.3 degrees Celsius AG, and the power consumption of the mild “One Piece Blood Route” is only 2.3W, and the temperature is 37.2 degrees Celsius.

This kind of performance is much better than the 8~10W power consumption of Snapdragon 888 and Snapdragon 8, which have been complained about by many users as “Fire Dragon” in high-load games. Coupled with the dual VC ice core cooling Max system, “Yuanshen” 》This type of game with a more expensive configuration can also maintain around 60 frames for a long enough time without dropping frames.

After the power consumption and temperature are reduced, the improvement in battery life is also very obvious. The large 5000mAh battery can easily achieve 10 hours of battery life. Among the flagship models, such performance is commendable.

Fast charging is also an upgrade point. It only takes 24 minutes for 100W light-speed second charging to be fully full of blood. Users do not need to worry about fast charging too much damage to life. Now the fast charging technology is very mature. Link GaN 100-watt-second charging, as well as 38 safety protection measures, battery health engine, and other features, not only protect users’ charging safety but also maximize battery life and improve user experience.

If you have requirements for appearance, but also want to be thin and light enough without sacrificing performance, then Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition must perfectly meet your requirements.

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