Realme Magnetic Wireless Charging official Announced on August 3rd


Realme’s technology demonstration Realme Magnetic Flash, which uses a single-perforated curved screen and has a matrix rear three-camera design. It is the first Android camp to support magnetic suction. The power of a mobile phone with wireless flash charging can reach at least 15W.Yesterday, realme officially announced that realme magnetic wireless charging will be released at 20:00 on August 3, Beijing time. Realme Flash will also be announced at that time, and it is claimed to be “the next generation of Android wireless charging technology.”

The realme MagDart wireless magnetic charger was exposed. There are two models , one fat and one thin , and the thin and light model supports 15W wireless fast charging. Realme magnetic wireless charging official announced on August 3, to be the first for Android

Similar to Apple’s MagSafe technology, the realme MagDart unity is also adsorbed on the back of the phone and charged, but realme’s solution also provides a fan to help dissipate heat. Foreign media confirmed that the power of this heavy charger will exceed 15W, it seems to be 50W ), which means that once the realme solution is launched, it will become the fastest magnetic wireless charger in the world.

This charger uses a USB-C interface. Compared with the disc-shaped magnetic charger previously exposed by OPPO, it has a built-in wire, which is said to provide 15W of charging power.

Realme Flash uses a curved screen, punched in the upper left corner, three cameras on the back, equipped with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, Realme UI 2.0 running Android 11. But in fact, if this model is to be mass-produced, it will definitely be different. The above parameters are for reference only.

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