Realme UI 4.0 Early Version of the First Adaptation Plan Announced


Realme UI 4.0, which is deeply customized based on Android 13, will be released this month. The basic experience of the system will be comprehensively improved, as well as the new UI design and intelligent interactive experience. Today, the first adaptation plan of the early version of RealMe UI 4.0 was officially announced.

Specifically, the first adaptations of RealMe UI 4.0 are planned as follows:

August 2022: Realme GT2 Pro

September 2022: Realme GT Neo3 150W, Realme GT Neo3, Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition, Realme GT Neo3 GT2

October 2022: Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition, Realme Q5 Carnival Edition, Realme Q5 Pro, Realme Q5, Realme Master Exploration Edition

November 2022: Realme GT

December 2022: Realme GT Neo2, Realme GT Neo2 Dragon Ball Customized Edition, Realme GT Neo Flash Edition, Realme GT Neo

Q1 2023: Stay tuned

The official also said that the above time is the estimated release time of the first batch of models in the Chinese market, and the adaptation plan of corresponding models will be released in batches in the above months. After the initial release period, more stable adaptation versions will be pushed to all users.

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Realme officials have previously announced that RealMe Ul 4.0 will be implementing more fingerprint styles, as well as optimizing live wallpapers for richer animations on RealMe UI 4.0, IT Home has learned. Realme also announced that the Notification Control Center will be optimized in the upcoming RealMe UI 4.0, adding playability to the drop-down Notification control Center and adding more controls.


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