Realme V15 Review: Premium Budget Phone With Affordable Price


Realme has so far derived multiple series such as Q, V, X, among which the Realme Q series is positioned at “price & performance double leapfrog” and will be released every year 618 or Double 11; X series is positioned at “design “Leapfrogging” is the flagship of the trendy and thin flash charging.

And this time the V series we are talking about is positioned as “best endurance”, and it has always been a show of Realme unreliable side: the official name of the Realme V5 is “Olygi” (a commonly used internet hot word, meaning “to force” “Oh”), as well as the innovative appearance of the super-large logo, Dimensity 720 platform, 30W fast charge and 5000 mAh large battery, it has become a real fragrance for a while.

The current Realme V5 ushered in a relay upgrade. The handwriting is still imaginative and independent; especially the naming skips a bunch of numbers in the middle and comes directly to the Realme V15 (the next generation product will be named V25), one of which is called The “Koi Color” model draws on the colour inspiration of “New Year Red” and “Koi Gold”, becoming the first “National Tide Koi Phone”.

In addition to the unbelievable design, Realme V15 also integrates 50W flash charging, Super AMOLED pole screen, 64MP triple camera system and 7nm dual-mode 5G mobile platform, which is full of surprises in its price range.

In terms of price, the realm V15 6GB+128GB version is priced at 1,499 yuan, and the 8GB+128GB version is priced at 1,999 yuan. The 6GB+128GB version is priced at 1,399 yuan for the first release and will go on sale on January 14.

Design & Appearance

Compared with the previous generation, the screen size of Realme V15 has not changed much-from 6.5 inches to 6.4 inches, and the resolution is still 2400×1080. However, the screen material is upgraded from LCD to OLED, and the colour saturation is higher, and the image quality display is more delicate. The brightness in normal mode reaches 430nit, and the global excitation brightness is 600nit.

Thanks to OLED screens’ addition, Realme V15 also has conditions to upgrade the fingerprint unlocking solution, upgrading the traditional side-mounted capacitive fingerprint unlocking to the next-generation light-sensitive screen fingerprint module of Goodix.

Currently, Realme V15 has three colours: Koi, Crescent Silver, and Mirror Lake Blue. The koi colour is unique to Realme V15. It draws on the colour inspiration of “New Year Red” and “Koi Gold”. It uses multi-layer non-spectral colour space gradients and a “double pattern double plating” process to create dazzling light. Colour visual effects.

We got the crescent silver, which was blessed by the “indium” plating process and the matte curtain coating process, and it was also very durable. It brought a mirror-like high reflectance and a delicate touch that almost did not stick to fingerprints. And koi colour is two different flavours.

It is worth mentioning that the realme V15 is equipped with a 4310mAh capacity battery, and the weight of the whole machine is controlled to about 176g. The thickness is controlled by 8.1mm (the koi version is due to the particularity of the process and related parameters. 8.3mm/179g), which meets users’ needs for the thin and light holding of 5G mobile phones.


We need a popular mobile phone, and naturally a popular 5G mobile platform. The MediaTek Dimensity 720 equipped with Realme V5 and the MediaTek Dimensity 800U equipped with Realme V15 are both good representatives.

It is quite interesting that although Dimensity 800U belongs to Dimensity 800 series in terms of naming, its specifications are closer to Dimensity 720.

To put it simply, the MediaTek Dimensity 800U is based on a 7nm process and adopts an eight-core design, including 2×2.4GHz ARM Cortex A76 large core + 6×2.0GHz ARM Cortex A55 energy efficiency core, and GPU is ARM Mali-G57.

Judging from the paper parameters’ specifications alone, the CPU part is slightly stronger than the Dimensity 720. The GPU, like the Dimensity 720, has three G57/G77 cores. Regardless of CPU or GPU, they are probably between Snapdragon 765-Snapdragon 765G.

In addition, MediaTek Dimensity 800U integrates a 5G modem. MediaTek Dimensity 800U not only fully supports SA and NSA networking in the Sub-6GHz band but also supports 5G+5G dual card dual standby, dual VoNR voice services and other 5G technologies. The 5G specifications are consistent with Dimensity 1000 Plus and Dimensity 800 series.


Introduce, GeekBench is a cross-platform CPU performance test tool, which can accurately reflect the single-core and multi-core performance of the device’s CPU. The test load simulates real-life application design, the results are more meaningful, and it can also measure GPU graphic arts’ computing performances.

The single-core performance can reflect the pros and cons of the CPU architecture design and the operating frequency. Multi-core results can reflect the efficiency of multiple CPU cores working at the same time.

According to the measurement standard of Geekbench 5, the single-core score of Dimensity 800U is about 2% lower than that of Snapdragon 765G, and the difference of multi-core score is 5%.

In the face of Samsung Exynos 980, which uses A77 core chips, the Dimensity 800U single-core score is about 11% behind the Exynos 980, while the multi-core score is only 9%.

In other words, according to the evaluation system of Geekbench 5, the Dimensity 800U, as a U with a full position lower than that of the Snapdragon 765, is only 17% behind the Snapdragon 765 in terms of absolute performance. It has come to the multi-core test with scheduling coordination. , Its gap with Exynos 980 is only 1.9%.

GFXBench test

Briefly introduce GFXBench, which is a cross-platform, cross-API 3D benchmark software that accurately reflects the graphics performance of the device GPU. Multiple test scenarios can fully investigate the device’s OpenGL ES graphics performance; ann perform battery life testing.

GFXBench provides two test comparison methods, OnScreen and OffScreen. The test is run at the native resolution of the device screen on the screen, and the resolution is unified to 1080p when off the screen, which is convenient for cross-device comparison.

There are six main test items: T-Rex, Manhattan 3.0 (Manhattan), Manhattan 3.1 (Manhattan), and Car Chase, which correspond to the performance under the OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0/3.1/3.1 standard. In addition, there are also newly added Aztec ruins Vulkan off-screen, Aztec ruins OpenGL off-screen, the test pressure is getting higher and higher, and the results are measured by the average frame rate (FPS).

Among the above test sub-item of, GPU graphics computipower’s best performance is the Manhattan (Manhattan), Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) and Aztec ruins test scenes. The Tyrannosaurus rex test is biased towards GPU texture and fills rate throughput, and Manhattan is shader’s he core heavy rider.

From the histograms we have compiled, it is not difficult to find that the graphics performance of Dimensity 800U is basically better than the higher-end Exynos 980, and there is still a small gap compared with the Snapdragon 765G.

In the mobile phone SoC performance ranking list compiled by Kuai Technology, the Dimensity 800U has a comprehensive performance following the Snapdragon 765G. Compared with the Dimensity 720, it has opened some gaps. The complete list can be found on the Kuaitech website.

AnTuTu running points

In AnTuTu’s evaluation system, the realme V15 equipped with Dimensity 800U has roughly the same running score as the Snapdragon 765G model.

Androbench test

AndroBench is a benchmark application that can measure the 4K random storage and storage performance of Android devices, including internal or external storage.


Among the existing Dimensity 800U models, the realme V15 is the one with a relatively high specification for the rear main camera. The other two sub-cameras are 800-pixel ultra-wide-angle and 2 Megapixel macro.

TrueWo V15 is the first Samsung GW3 sensor. It is a 64-megapixel sensor with a 1/1.97-inch outsole and an equivalent focal length of 25.1mm. It adopts Tetracell pixel four-in-one technology. The single-pixel can reach 1.4μm. It is in resolution and tolerance. The performance of low light intensity and low light has been comprehensively improved, and the imaging system has obtained a higher comprehensive quality.

In addition, in order to make up for the problem of the AI ​​automatic mode of the camera algorithm in some special scenes, realme V15 also added Pro mode for night scenes and other according to their needs, users Users can turn off the AI ​​algoeeds, and manually adjust the ISO and exposure. Time and other parameters can get the photos you like more.


Starting around 2020, most domestic and foreign manufacturers are actively deploying 5G mobile phones. As the progress of 5G mobile phones continues to deepen, in the face of 5G’s own high energy consumption, high heat generation and high space occupation and many other characteristics, each company has begun to invest in some exploration technologies to maximize the protection of 5G mobile phone experience.

Some brands have reached a very high level in characteristic technology, playing differentiated gameplay, one of which is the smart flash charging of realme.

In the context of no breakthrough in battery technology, fast charging has become the basis for ensuring 5G mobile phones’ battery life. In 2019, realme launched 50W flash charging technology for its flagship models, and in early 2020, it launched a 65W flash charging solution.

And now, starting with Realme V15, Realme is obviously going to let high-spec flash charging descend into lower-priced models. The 50W flash charge can make the 4350mAh mAh battery of Realme V15 recover most of the blood in 20 minutes and charge from 1% to 76% in 30 minutes.

Remember that Realme V5 can charge the 5000mAh battery from 1% to 60% in half an hour with a 30W flash charge.It seems that Realme has a strong willingness to popularize faster and faster flash charging to users of models in every price range.

At 70% brightness and 30% volume, using Bilibili to play 1080P online video, one hour and four minutes later, the battery power was only 6%, and the 4350 mAh battery is quite toss-resistant.

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As we said in the article, in the 5G era, various terminal manufacturers are providing their own solutions for the high energy consumption and high space occupation of 5G, trying to maximize the user experience of 5G mobile phones through technical means.

Among them, realme has reached a very high level in fast charging technology, opening up the technology gap with other manufacturers and creating brand differences. After all, before the battery technology has undergone qualitative changes, increasing the charging speed is the only way to ensure 5G mobile phones’ battery life. From the design of realme V5 with 30W fast charge to Realme V15 with 50W fast charge, realme is stepping up to push flash charging technology to its own products in various price ranges, and continue to do so with product iterations upgrade.

It is measured that most of the blood return within 20 minutes and the fast charge from 1% to 76% within 30 minutes can directly restore the phone to full blood state at any time. What’s rarer is that Realme V15, while making the battery bigger and faster charging, ensures that entire bodies weighted are controlled within 179g, which is extremely thin. This also shows that its plus flash charging technology does not sacrifice cell phone structure and other modules.

In terms of CPU, the specifications of Dimensity 800U are quite close to (but not fully achieved) Snapdragon 765G: 2×2.4GHz ARM Cortex A76 large core + 6×2.0GHz ARM Cortex A55 energy-efficient core, which has greatly exceeded the previous version. Ji 720.

According to the measurement standard of Geekbench 5, the Dimensity 800U, as a U with a full positioning lower than that of the Snapdragon 765G, is only 2% behind the Snapdragon 765G in terms of absolute performance. The gap of Dragon 765G is only 5%.

In terms of GPU, Dimensity 800U GPU uses the same Valhall architecture ARM Mail-G57 as Mali G77, which is close to its high-end core Dimensity 820. The actual measurement found that in the GFXBench test, the Dimensity 800GPU’s performance was even slightly better than the higher-end Exynos 980.

In general, in terms of performance alone, the Dimensity 800U model such as the Realme V15 is basically on par with the Snapdragon 765G model, and there is not much difference.

In addition, in the early days of realme’s starre, many “True Fragrance” mode were ls produced, but the sales channels and after-sales coverage were limited. Some time ago, Realme has further strengthened its relationship with the relatively close brands OPPO and OnePlus.

The three partners not only enter the Huantai Mall together to open channels, but the realme can even share some of OPPO’s after-sales and service outlets, which is even more powerful for the young real self, making it very different from other domestic mobile phone brands that have made their fortunes on the Internet. Own characteristics and advantages.


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