Realme X Camera Review: With 48MP Cameras For Better Competitor of Xiaomi Mi9


In recent years, the development of the mobile phone industry is a history of mobile phone imaging: from high-pixel development to multi-camera, to the current AI multi-camera system, from the previous digital zoom to optical zoom to the current periscope zoom, mobile phone Almighty plasticity is getting stronger and stronger. However, the rapid development of mobile video has also brought about a problem: the cost of mobile phones continues to increase, and consumers have to consume flagship phones for better camera performance. Does it have one, consumers can easily afford it, but the camera performance does not lose any popular products of the flagship product? Realme X may be Mr.Right in your mind.

The realme brand, as the king of sales in Southeast Asia and the Indian market, the king of cost-effective, returned to the first product of domestic development, took out Realme X, and even shouted the slogan that dared to leapfrog.

Dare to shout out that this slogan is not a hole in the wind, realme X can be said to be prepared. Whether it’s screen quality, lifting the camera, or super-strong rear camera, these are the same price you can’t even think about.

On realme X, equipped with Sony’s 2019 flagship sensor: Sony IMX 586, all the flagship products in the first half of this year basically use this camera, the largest 48 million physical pixels, 1 / 2.0 inch large sensor, and adopted f / 1.7 Aperture, through Quad Bayer pixel four-in-one technology, single pixel up to 1.6um, in terms of resolution, latitude, low light performance, etc., have good innate hardware conditions.

With a physical 48 million pixels, what kind of shocking picture resolution can you bring? Without further ado, let’s zoom in and take a look.

We took a picture quality version and scientifically demonstrated the excellent resolution of the Sony IMX 586 with 48 Megapixels.

In the center of the screen, the screenshot of the central part of the 48 Megapixel screenshot is 12 MegaPixels. The most intuitive feeling is that the resolution of the screen rises, the center part is more solid, and the fine material of the print quality version can also be displayed on the photo, and the texture is clearer. In the process of comparison, I even felt that the center of the photo taken by 12 Megapixels had a certain faintness; when I went to the edge, this situation was more obvious. After 15 lines, the 48-megapixel photos can clearly distinguish the lines and The spacing between the lines, and the 12 Megapixel photos, cannot be clearly discerned at this time.

Of course, simply running the resolution board and the picture quality version can only be used as theoretical knowledge. The actual photo can show the true quality of the mobile phone’s photo. (PS. Since the volume of the 48-megapixel photo exceeds the upper limit of the website upload, a certain volume compression is performed)

The 48-megapixel photo, without any magnification, the first feeling is sharp, even if the details on the feather are small, you can feel the high resolution brought by the high pixel from the big picture.

At the edge of the picture, there is a certain decline in image quality, but the details on the feathers can be clearly distinguished. At the center of the picture, the sharpness can only be described by sharpness, the arrangement of feathers, and the arrangement of lines between feathers. All of them are clearly displayed in the photos, and the property of several hairs is perfectly achieved. HD, realme X completely conquered.

48 Megapixel Samples

Of course, the photo is more than 48 Megapixels. For the color of the photo, realme X also has targeted training. The addition of the super-revitalization mode is the best answer to the AI ​​algorithm blessing.

Realme X supports super-rejuvenation effects, using the AI ​​engine to identify scene information and image problems, and through the engine’s unique human visual model, restores the real details, brightness, and color seen by the human eye, and to a certain degree of touch up. Then use the pixel-level color mapping algorithm to reconstruct a clearer, more textured image.

Super glow closes and opens

In the case of the same AI scene recognition, the super rejuvenation mode will be closed and opened to get two different styles of photos. When the super rejuvenation mode is off, the image imaging style is lighter, in a relatively cool imagery wind, which is closer to what the naked eye sees; but when the super rejuvenation mode is turned on, the saturation of the picture is higher, more eye-catching, and photos The layering is more complete, giving the picture a stronger vitality on the basis of ensuring the reality of the human eye. Color, realme X completely conquered.

In addition to the ultra-high resolution, super-revitalization mode of 48 Megapixels, realme X has the same killing skills – a new super night scene.

Realme X’s innovative combination of AI technology and engine multi-frame technology enables noise reduction, hand-held anti-shake, high-light suppression, improved dynamic range, and provides users with night-time photos that exceed the brightness and detail that the human eye can see. Get amazing night shots.

Realme X Night Scene Proofs

Photo photos, the clearest is the most basic attribute of the photo. Realme X’s super night photo, the whole picture is very clear, even if there is no OIS optical anti-shake blessing, the picture does not appear due to jitter or 4S long exposure, and the whole picture is very pure, visible to the naked eye. Granular noise reduction smear is basically non-existent; at the same time, realme X’s super night scene mode is very good for high-light control, even if it is directly backlit, neon lights will not appear long exposure and overexposed. Night scene, realme X successfully conquered.


If you take a mobile phone to take a big blind test, rely on the experience of photography and the quality of photos to estimate the positioning of the mobile phone. This realme X can be said to have a camera level of more than 3,000 yuan for the mainstream flagship mobile phone. The practicality of the mainstream flagship mobile phone.

However, the starting price of this Realme X is only 1499 yuan, and it is also positioned as the flagship product of the current realme brand. It can be said that in the same price, Realme X is based on its slogan: leapfrog, concentrating the configuration that is impossible to appear at the same price and bringing together the experience of higher-priced products. It can be said that realme X redefines the thousand yuan machine, and this international student gave a good lesson to the domestic thousand yuan machine market.


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