Realme X50 Pro Real Simple of Extremely Dark Night Scene


Realme officially announced the real-world Realme X50 Pro image system specifications: the Real-X50 Pro is equipped with 64MP ultra-clear hawk-eye photos, 6 front, and rear zoom, supports 20x hybrid zoom, and realme research and development SAT smooth zoom Technology, “seamless switching” when taking photos or videos stretching.

The vice-president of realme Xu Qi also launched the extraordinarily darkish night time view of the actual me X50 Pro 5G on Weibo. Take proofs.

As can be seen from the image above, when the extraordinarily darkish night time scene is not becoming on, the pattern is surrounded by darkness. After the extraordinarily darkish night time scene is turned on, the entire photo is illuminated. The unique scenes that could not appear on the photo because of the darkish sky were all one by using one. Come out. Realme’s social media director Song Qi teased me approximately the X50 Pro 5G as a “night time imaginative and prescient device”.

The IT House has previously reported that the True Me X50 Pro 5G helps 64MP ultra-clean eagle-eye images, ready with six cameras for front and rear zoom, 20 times hybrid zoom, and equipped with realme’s SAT easy zoom technology, which may be used when taking pictures or motion pictures stretching. “Seamless switching”, guide UIS Max Super Video Stabilization.

The IT House learned that in terms of configuration, the realme X50 Pro 5G makes use of Samsung Super AMOLED screens, has a 90Hz refresh rate, makes use of E3 light-emitting materials, and supports the Peace Elite 90Hz excessive frame charge mode. Equipped with Snapdragon 865 and LPDDR5 memory, pre-established Android 10 system, supports dual-mode full Netcom 5G, achieves complete coverage of mainstream frequency bands along with n1 / n41 / n78 / n79, and all collection are equipped with preferred GaN (gallium nitride) fabric chargers.

Realme X50 Pro 5G will be released globally on February 24th nearby time in Madrid. Share your opinion in the comment section.

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