Reasons for the pokies popularity


In fact, the passion for slot machines is reasonable and understandable. Beautiful graphics, additional sound and light effects, flickering pictures on the reels – pokies look like bright, eye-catching attractions, initially selling themselves by their appearance. A subconscious human attraction to everything shiny, beautiful and making sounds is formed in childhood and is not lost in the conscious age; it is just realized in a much weaker way.

But it’s not just the “wrapper” that lures gambling enthusiasts to pull the lever. Slots appear to be a simple and honest kind of gambling. It’s not poker, where there’s an opponent capable of beating you. And it’s not roulette, which is rumoured to be set up in a certain way. No high stakes are required here, which means, at first glance, you can’t lose seriously playing pokies. Somewhere the minimum bet is only a few coins, somewhere it’s five AUD. In general, it looks quite safe. So why not try?

And finally, when people are already thinking “why not risk a couple of AUD for fun”, poky also promise that the payment percentage of the game reaches 99%. At this point – that’s all, consider it sold! Who wouldn’t want to spend a penny hoping to make a big score? And practically no effort at all. Just put down a coin, spin the reels and then, you know, good luck will smile.

All of this adds up to a lot of interest in pokies, of which there is an abundance in AU.

The most lavish slot machines in the AU
The return percentage, aka payout percentage, sounds very nice. That’s right, from a marketing point of view. When you hear “payback” you take it literally: you spend a little money, you get a little money back. In reality, it works differently in pokies.

Refund (the payout percentage) is the term for the average amount of money invested in the machine, which is returned, that is, paid out to the player. Essentially, it turns out that by winning at pocky a person just gets a portion of the money spent in total (by several players) back. It feels good for the player to win and it feels good for the casinos to have their own profit from each slot machine.

It’s true that most gambling websites in Australia assign a rather high payout percentage. Sometimes you can find games with an RTP of 99%. So your chance to win some is high enough. But how to find out if the selected game is generous? The main advice: first play games for free, to catch the gameplay and learn the pocky specifics. It may save you from unnecessary losses.


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