Reasons why having a VPN on your iPhone is important


When it comes to VPNs, you might assume that they will only work for a desktop or laptop user – after all, your phone comes with enough protection mechanisms of its own. This statement rings true particularly for iPhone users, even though the protection mechanism cannot handle the safety of your data when you use it to browse the internet.

That brings us to this article – choosing the best VPN for iPhone. As long as you install a good VPN, it can keep your information private and safe, even if you use your phone to connect to the internet through insecure Wi-Fi hotspots and public networks. Here are some reasons why having a good VPN (note, we do not mean any kind of VPN) on your iPhone is a good idea.

What is a VPN in the first place?

VPN is an abbreviation that stands for virtual private network. This is a service which gives you a safe connection to the internet through the use of private servers located in remote places. All the data that is travelling to and from your device and the server is encrypted, which means that no unauthorized people can see what you are doing.

The usual scenario that people think of when it comes to using VPNs is when they are working remotely, or using their desktops or laptops to connect to specified private networks to guard their sensitive data. However, using a VPN does not need to be limited to these computers only; you use your phone for many more things in most cases, such as making transactions online, sending emails containing sensitive information, and so on – and these still need protection from snoops and hackers.

Why do I need a VPN on my iPhone then?

If you are not sure whether using a VPN on your iPhone (or any phone for that matter) makes sense, read on for the reasons why you should consider it.

It guards the security of your data on your smartphone when you browse the internet

Phones have evolved greatly over the years – now, you do not just use your phone to call and text, but browse the internet as well. The phones of today exchange information, hold your social media profiles, bank account details, sync your messages, and so on.

However, imagine what would happen if someone were to intercept your internet connection and use that chance to get ahold of your sensitive information like your credit card numbers, social media passwords, browsing history, and other things.

The truth is that this is a highly probable thing, especially when you are looking at using an unsecured public network – which is the case in many instances. Even in the case that the Wi-Fi network is secure, it might still be insufficient when it comes to protect your phone.

The good news is that the VPN solutions of today also have a wide availability on mobile platforms. You will simply need the one that fits your budget and needs.

Your phone might not be ransom ware-proof and hacker-proof

There are an increasing number of companies that are reporting the increase of mobile phone attacks when it comes to ransom ware. These instances will work in the case of computers, because they will lock the device and demand you to use virtual currencies (like cryptocurrencies) in order to restore them to their original state.

The best way that you can use to guard yourself and your device while on the internet is decreasing the chances of being discovered by potential attackers. Therefore, using a VPN will help you to prevent this, as it creates encrypted ‘tunnels’ between the device you use and a remote server to prevent you from being seen.

It protects you when accessing corporate private files on your phone

In many instances, it is much easier to reply to your emails through your phone rather than going to your laptop or desktop. However, you might need to attach documents that contain confidential or sensitive information, like a worksheet or presentation. In this case, you will need to get them from the online drive of the company, which will need you to make secure connections.

If you happen to use a VPN on your phone, you can send these files quickly and safely.  It will also allow you to work in a secure environment, even without potential ‘leaks’.

It helps you to unlock restricted content

Some content on Hulu, YouTube, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Netflix, and so on, is only restricted to specific areas – and you will not be in a position to access it when you are in certain geographic locations. This is not only for desktop or laptop environments; you can even experience it from your phone.

The VPN service will come in handy here, because of its connection to remote servers. Through this, you can ‘pretend’ to be surfing from another location where the content can be accessed, and still enjoy your favorite content.

Allows you to have more bandwidth to do uninterrupted business calls and live video streaming

When it comes to a VPN solution, you might wonder why bandwidth is relevant to VPN solutions. The truth is that a mobile VPN service is quite interesting in how it works; it will allow you to utilize a multitude of internet connections at the same time, which will allow you to get extra bandwidth and lower levels of latency to cover for your requirements.

In simple terms, this means you have less chances to experience video buffering when you watch videos, the ability to operate live broadcasts on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook (and other social media profiles), as well as zero levels of disconnections when you are making business calls.

It is important to note though that it will only apply to a mobile VPN service rather than the desktop or laptop services. All other ‘traditional’ VPNs will still protect you, though they will be slow and unreliable.

Final thoughts

Using a VPN on your iPhone might not seem like it makes sense, but it is a way to protect yourself when you go in online spaces – something you need to do in the interconnected world we live in today.


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