Reasons Why Writing Jobs Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade


Since Google implemented the algorithm that recognized and banned the sites that used article spinning-black-hat SEO methods for better site ranking, the writing careers started blooming! The Penguin update refined the checking of the articles and since then, the uniqueness, high quality, keyword density and being on-point started to matter significantly! Now, it is impossible to rank your website high if you do not have a high quality and unique content on it. So, this was one of the reasons why writing jobs became popular over the past ten years. But what about other perks and advantages that made this profession popular and highly demanded?

Work anytime

Of course, the first thing that comes to our minds is that you can work anytime you want. Once you get your project and make a deal with the employer at the freelance platform called Upwork, you have a fixed deadline that you must respect and finish the work within the deadline. This means you can work two days for only two hours, and spend the next five days working 10 hours per day. This leaves a lot of space for other activities and erases the traditional working method, where you have to spend 8 hours in the office. This is very appealing to people today and that is why people love writing.

Besides, writing is a creative work where you need to look for inspiration. Therefore, if you cannot concentrate and produce a cool story or article, take a pause and come back in a few hours. This concept people love today as they have a lot of other side activities. So, working anytime you want, as long as you are within the specified deadline, renders writing career as one of the ideal ones. According to some researches, the need for writers is going to increase in the future, as there is no artificial intelligence that can produce a perfect and unique piece of content, article, story or review.

Work from anywhere

The second thing that contributed to the popularity of writing jobs is that you do not have to be in the office to work. No one is going to force you to be in the office – Skype and other communication tools allow you to be in the constant communication with the rest of your team/company, allowing you to be anywhere in the world. Since there are a lot of no experience writing jobs, the freelancers can get experience and once they collect it, they can work out of anywhere, as they only need a PC/laptop and Internet connection. Unlike programming and web development, where you must spend some initial time in the office so you could get familiar with the company rules, policies and project-details, writing does not require that. You can get all the details regarding the project so you could learn all about it and start with your writing.

You can work as much as you want

Writing jobs’ offer is huge and there are really a million opportunities every day, so nothing limits you regarding the amount of work you can do! You can check at Fiverr, a freelance platform, for the new job offers or at the if you want – the only thing that prevents you is your will and how much work you can handle. As soon as you finish with a project, you can start with the other one, or you can work on a couple of them at the same time if you want! Comparing the writing and software developer careers, it is evident that it is very likely that you will get bored from writing the code than writing the compelling and original stories or product reviews. Therefore, as long as you have the inspiration, you can work as much as you want for a long time!

You can always find an inspiration

Every writer, whether he is a book, article or ghostwriter, knows that the inspiration is all around and everywhere on the internet! Therefore, it rarely happens that a writer is not able to produce a unique piece of writing. If he loses his pace, he will look up to several examples and start working on his original content, as every client wants the unique piece of writing. If you are writing about the casino industry and you have finished like 20k words for this niche, you may go to the nearest casino suite just to feel the local casino atmosphere. This can spark creativity and allow you to produce better content while you cannot go to a local factory of remote controllers just to see how things work.

A lot of types of writing

A lot of people do not know that writers have a lot of different types of engagement, depending on the employer, contract and requirements. A writer may opt for ghostwriting, copywriting, product review, creative writing, product analysis, product reviews and tons of other types of writing! This ensures that no writer gets bored since he can write from a different perspective. It is a different POV if you write about the latest Samsung’s Oculus Rift and if you write about the ways to increase your real estate value. So, a good writer who can handle different type of writing will never get bored neither will lose interest in his job.

Different projects

Writers often work on different projects, so it is not a wonder if you get a task to write a creative ad for a local company. Alternatively, depending on your abilities and the employer you work for, you might get a task to write a catchy ad for a Coca Cola, Samsung or Apple company! This means that you can work on many different projects and that does not mean only that you will earn more money, but you will gain a lot more experience and expertise!


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