Recover deleted files on any iOS device with Disk Drill for Mac


In our everyday life each of us has plenty of various devices. We use it for different purposes, for example, it is convenient to listen to music on IPod during sport activities and to show business projects during meetings using IPad. We usually store a lot of media on these devices, that is why it is important to care about data integrity and security.

However what to do if you have accidentally erased all the music and video on your device?

Or you badly need documents and photos that somehow were lost? That is not a problem anymore – you can easily recover iOS files or free with Disk Drill for Mac.

iOS data recovery is easy to perform even if you have never used this software before. Just download this programme and connect a device to your computer. Basic version enables you to scan and discover the media that is available for recovery. After you have found lost files, recover data from iOS device by upgrading Disk Drill to Pro Version.

While performing iPod data recovery all the data is classified according to the type of the media, so you can easily find Photos, Videos, Music in separate directories. Clear interface with various categories is available for iPad data recovery as well.

What else iOS data recovery software can offer?

Do you really want wait for a device failure to retrieve lost information if you can beforehand prevent any data loss? With the help of additional functionalities back up copies can be created automatically. You can choose what feature to turn on, either Recovery Vault or Guaranteed Recovery or even both of them.

As for their differences, the first function saves some file data, when it is deleted. Such an approach does not require much space, but effectively enhances the recovery process. The second function creates the copies of deleted files automatically, that is why you can not to consider about the back-ups, iOS data recovery for Mac do it all for you.

Disk Drill is one of the most powerful solutions, as it offers a user a thoroughgoing scanning, disk health monitoring system, protection for various devices and many others. So do not hesitate, choose iPad data recovery software – download it now.


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