Red Magic 3 VS Black Shark 2 Pro VS Asus ROG 2: Which One is Better Gaming Phone


Today, we select the well-known and bought Gaming mobile phones in the current mobile phone market, namely Red Magic 3 E-sports mobile phone, Black Shark gaming mobile phone 2 Pro and ROG gaming mobile phone 2 (most of the text is referred to as Red Magic 3, Black Shark 2 Pro) And ROG 2), carry out a fight that is neither nervous nor irritating.

The black shark and the Red Magic are a pair of Gaming mobile phones “CP” that emerged last year, and ROG does not need to introduce too much. The “eyes” that only let countless players disperse their family wealth are familiar to everyone. Not bb, I started this horizontal review before everyone was sleepy.

ROG 2 won the championship of the three major mobile phone horizontal reviews with a total score of 12.5 points. The Black Shark 2 Pro and the Red Magic 3 were runner-up and runner-up. Here, I announced that this time the three major mobile phone cross-evaluation officially ended at this time… only strange.

Design & Appearance

There is a saying that is good, “people rely on clothing, Buddha depends on gold.” For gaming phones, the appearance of the phone is of course important. In your imaginary Gaming phone, you must have a cool and dynamic design style, otherwise how to express the exciting atmosphere of the game world?

Therefore, from the appearance, whether it is Red Magic 3, Black Shark Gaming 2 Pro or ROG Gaming 2 has a very obvious game style bias. In addition to the black shark Gaming mobile phone 2 Pro and the silver body, the other two mobile phones use the most common red and black mixed color in the game equipment, which represents a kind of bloody movement, so that when you see it, I know that this phone is born for the game.

If you are a loyal user of the Red Magic phone, you will be able to find the family features on the Red Magic 3 mobile phone. The domineering vector aesthetic X universe battleship design has become the most classic style of the Red Magic phone.

In the selection of the back material, the Red Magic 3 E-sports mobile phone does not intend to use the popular glass material but uses more durable metal materials. The diamond-shaped shell is cut, plus the moments of the Gaming elements. Of course, how can the RGB strips and the Red Magic LOGO lighting be blessed? Got it, the cool elements are all gathered together, and wherever you get, you can attract the attention of others.

The Black Shark Gaming Phone 2 Pro has once again evolved its exclusive “X” design language, adding a streamlined sports car style that looks very stylish. The big difference with the Red Magic 3 is that the Black Shark Gaming phone 2 Pro uses glass and metal in the material of the phone case, so the feel of the glass is added to the hand.

The faceted design of the central axis of the black shark  2 Pro allows the user to have a comfortable feel in different scenes of the horizontal and vertical screens. The combination of glass and metal backs further enhances the visual layering while ensuring overall strength.

ROG 2 should be said to be the same as the first generation, the overall change is not very big, more on the basis of the previous generation and then carefully crafted. The glass-based body provides a completely different feeling from the Red Magic 3, and the difference in feel is not small.

Of course, ROG 2 also has lights, and this light is not ordinary, the unique ROG Logo is equipped with AURA RGB light synchronization effect, the game’s genes will be revealed at the moment of the light, and at the end you will Found that you still play games, just play the lights just fine!

The high frame rate is really great for the game, and two of the three phones are equipped with high frame rate screens over 60Hz. The Red Magic 3 is equipped with a 6.65-inch 90Hz AMOLED screen; the ROG 2 is more radical, directly using a 6.59-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen; the Black Shark 2 Pro continues to use the ordinary 60Hz screen, 6.39-inch AMOLED It is also the mainstream level.

You can see that the three mobile phones have different materials on the back. There are all metal, all-glass, and of course glass and metal. However, in the design, you can’t escape the classic game color like red and black. The three-Gamingphones all have a dynamic game appearance, so don’t think that the Gamingphone only needs high performance.


Many users feel that the Gaming mobile game is well played, the lights and lights will run, the performance bonus is 100%, and other functions are virtual. The three products we reviewed this time opened a new door for Gamingphones from another dimension.

Let’s take a look at the hard power of these three phones.

  • Master sensor Sony IMX 586 main photo Sony IMX 586 main photo
  • Rear sub photo no 12 Megapixel telephoto 13 Megapixels super wide-angle
  • Front camera 16 Megapixels 20 Megapixels 24 Megapixels
  • In the data on the books, all three products are equipped with the main camera of Sony IMX 586. In the
  • era when the IMX 586 was sold by jin, how about the training of the three products? In the sub-
  • photograph, ROG Phone 2’s 13-megapixel, 125° ultra-wide-angle camera is the most in line with the current market trend, and the gap between the other two players.

Before we start talking about the level of proofs, let’s talk about one question: the refresh rate of the camera interface of the three products. Before talking about this issue, we first jumped out of the mobile phone field and turned our attention to the good guy in the mobile phone industry – SONY.

The biggest difference between the SLR camera and the non-inverting camera is that the pentaprism reflective structure of the SLR camera is removed and replaced with an electronic viewfinder. However, switching to an electronic viewfinder also brings another problem: the fineness and refresh rate of the electronic viewfinder, the refresh rate is not high, and the delay is large so that many users who go from optics to electronics are bitter, but with high pixels. With the arrival of a high refresh rate electronic viewfinder, these problems have been alleviated.

Why mention SONY’s electronic viewfinder? Because the three players participating in the competition are equipped with a refresh rate beyond 60HZ: Red Magic 3 has a 90HZ screen, and ROG Phone 2 also has a 120HZ screen refresh rate. But the experience of the two, the Red Magic 3 is still defeated.

Why? The Red Magic 3 is the same as the current One Plus 7 Pro. The camera APP does not fully fit 90HZ. When choosing a picture, choose to reduce the screen refresh rate. We think this is to save energy. The ROG Phone with 6000mAh ultra-large battery 2, when the global 120HZ is turned on, the framing picture is displayed as 120HZ very violently, and the other two players are thrown away from the street in the framing experience. The silky picture is unforgettable. (PS. 120HZ display in normal shooting mode, not only in slow motion)

After talking about the photo experience, let’s talk about the quality of the film, first of all, when there is sufficient light.

The same sensor, the three to compare is the manufacturer’s training, all three products have opened their own AI scene recognition. In the three photos, the color theory color, the Red Magic 3 gives people a feeling of landscape oil painting: the contrast between light and dark is strong, the color is bright, the blue is blue, the green is more oil, and even there is a metaphysical sense of metamorphosis. The Red Magic 3’s reservation of the dark part is also the best of the three products.

The next ranking is the Black Shark 2 Pro and ROG Phone 2, the two players are relatively light in color, returning from the metaphysics to the world. After all, the foundation of the Sony IMX 586 is there, and the daytime imaging quality of these two products can reach the level of the flagship mobile phone.

It is a pity that the Red Magic 3 does not have a special Super Night Scene mode. In this project, the camera family’s AI camera is used for rescue. Under the same big loss, the night scene of the Red Magic 3 was not transparent enough, and some of the illusion and high-light exposure always plagued the Red Magic 3 photo.

The two players with super night scenes are half-pounded. The super night scene blessing gives them a good picture purity and high-light performance, which is quite good for a. If you want to be more nitpicking, it is that the lens coating of the two products is not so particular, so that the photos appear glare.

Compared with the main camera, ROG Phone 2’s super-wide-angle camera quality will be slightly lower, but it is not unusable: the darkness of the day is slightly stronger, but the victory is resolved by resolution, the distortion control is appropriate; in the super night scene In the mode, the highlight control is not quite in place, and relatively bright noise will appear at the transition of the highlight. But it is better than nothing, and it has already won the other two players.

As a Gaming Phone, their imaging quality is already very good, and it will not drop too much compared with the same price. What is the performance of the “ontology” of the Gaming phone?

Finally came to today’s film time, that is, performance and Gaming measured. Although the Red Magic 3 esport mobile phone, Black Shark 2 Pro and ROG 2 are both game phones, they still have differences in hardware and software. The hard and soft optimization ability is also important to test whether a game phone is excellent. index. It is not too late to see a positive film right away.

Hardware & Performance

First of all, here is the specific version description of the test model:
  • Red Magic 3 Esports mobile phone: Snapdragon 855, 12GB + 256GB (UFS 2.1);
  • Black Shark  2 Pro: Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB+256GB (UFS3.0);
  • ROG 2: Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12GB + 512GB (UFS 3.0);

Test Tools: Gamebench – a well-known game test tool that can record game frame rate, CPU core usage, memory usage, and other data, is a must-have. The above three mobile phones are the latest system version when testing.

Special note: Because ROG 2 only has 8GB+128GB, 12GB+512GB two storage combinations, considering that the impact of flash memory capacity on game testing is relatively less important than running memory, we have chosen a 12GB running memory version.

Black Shark 2 Pro and ROG 2 are equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, while the Red Magic 3 esport mobile phone is released earlier (the iterative model has not been released), so it is equipped with Snapdragon 855. The specific specifications of the two brothers Snapdragon 855 and 855 Plus are as follows:

It can be seen that the Snapdragon 855 Plus has only two significant improvements over the Snapdragon 855: the CPU’s main frequency has been increased from 2.84 GHz to 2.96 GHz, the GPU frequency has been increased from 585 MHz to 675 MHz, and the GPU is prohibited from overclocking.

On the books, the Snapdragon 855 Plus is more like the official “grey version” of the Snapdragon 855. So, will the small increase in numbers be reflected in the running points?

The answer is yes. The Red Magic 3 equipped with the Snapdragon 855, in addition to the Geekbench running, can be equal to or even a small win with the Black Shark 2 and ROG 2 equipped with the Snapdragon 855 Plus, both in the An Bunny total score and the 3DMark test. In a downwind.

Black Shark 2 and ROG 2 have won each other in the test of 3DMark three extreme scenes, but ROG 2 accounts for the higher flash memory capacity and 120Hz refresh rate and high fluency, in the memory of the new version of the rabbit There is better performance in both the UX and UX, leading the Black Shark in total. The 500,000 points announced by the Black Shark at the press conference could not be reproduced under our test conditions.

In the above test instructions, the Black Shark 2 Pro and ROG 2 both use UFS 3.0 flash memory. The read and write speeds are greatly improved compared to UFS 2.1, and since ROG 2 uses the F2FS file system, it is randomly written and Random reading of these two are far ahead of the Black Shark 2 Pro with the traditional ext4 file system. After analyzing the theoretical performance, we started to test the game to see who is the real weapon.

“Peace Elite” has not officially opened the HDR HD+ limit (60 frames) option on some models until recently, so whether it is the ROG of 120Hz refresh rate, the Red Magic 3 of 90Hz refresh rate, or the black of 60Hz refresh rate. Shark 2 Pro, eating chicken all has only 60 frames.

After the test, the average FPS of the three was 60FPS. Among them, the minimum FPS of Red Magic 3 is 55FPS, but the average fluctuation FPS is as high as 4.02 FPS; while the frame rate of Black Shark 2 Pro and ROG 2 is relatively more stable, the average fluctuation FPS is 1.01 FPS and 1.11 FPS respectively.

“NBA 2K19” does not have a clear frame number limit, so theoretically it can achieve a high frame rate of 120 frames and 90 frames, so we blindly guess that ROG 2 and Red Magic 3 will perform better.

The facts are very close to our guess: the average FPS of the Red Magic 3 is 71FPS, the highest frame is 85 frames; the average FPS of ROG 2 is 78FPS, the highest frame is 118FPS, and the hardware limited Black Shark 2 Pro can’t catch up, but the average frame rate is still stable at 60FPS.

Speaking of it, these three mobile phones should be thanked for another non-gaming mobile phone that did not appear in this Gamingmobile phone Hengping – one plus 7 Pro, because it is the first to let Tencent games on the “QQ Speed” on the high refresh The rate (eg 90Hz, 120Hz) is adapted.

The Red Magic 3 has the same excellent frame rate on QQ Speed: up to 90FPS, the lowest FPS is 72FPS, and the average is 74FPS; the ROG 2 with higher screen refresh rate is even worse, up to 120FPS. The minimum FPS is 68FPS, with an average of 75FPS; the Black Shark 2 Pro is the best within the hardware allowable range, with an average FPS of 60FPS.

We also thought about this problem after we finished the test, and looked at the Gamebench background monitoring data of ROG 2 and Red Magic 3.

It can be seen from this curve that when the Red Magic 3 runs “QQ Speed”, the amplitude of the FPS up and down is obviously regular, and it has been jumping back and forth around 90FPS and 72FPS.

However, the CPU of the Red Magic 3 has been running at the highest frequency, and there is no trace of laziness. This is strange, is the GPU “fishing”? Unfortunately, Gamebench does not currently support monitoring the GPU usage of the Red Magic 3.

The frame rate of another ROG 2 is similar to that of the Red Magic 3 and has been bounced back and forth between 61FPS and 119FPS. But unlike Red Magic 3, ROG 2 supports monitoring GPU usage, which can make us happy.

We took a closer look, the GPU frequency of ROG 2 in the process of running QQ Speed ​​has been stable at 257MHz, and the trace of “fishing” is a bit obvious.

Although this does not explain the Red Dragon 3 is the same reason, but after professional analysis, we have the following two possibilities:

1. Gamebench has not been well adapted to monitor the ultra-high frame rate, resulting in the frame rate of the countdown monitoring is not the actual number of frames at that time;

2. In order to control the heat and power consumption, the manufacturer has imposed restrictions on the software level, and the game is not allowed to be rendered with 90FPS/120FPS, and the FPS is dynamically adjusted within this range.

We call these two possibilities “PConline mobile channel guess”, YY is not guilty, piracy will be investigated, but welcome to exchange.

What level is this Tianma screen on ROG 2?

Before the release, it was reported that ROG 2 will use Samsung’s AMOLED screen. But in fact, the screen of ROG 2 is exclusively supplied by Shen Tianma. After the listing, a large number of users reflected the spicy eyes of this screen.

Among them, the most reflected is the problem of stroboscopic. It is true that there is still no DC dimming mode on ROG 2, and there will be an obvious stroboscopic phenomenon at night, and discomfort will occur if the eyes are used for a long time. Given its 240g weight plus no DC dimming, we recommend not to play it in bed at night.

In addition, the phenomenon of the edge of the font displayed on the ROG 2 screen that is circulated on the Internet does exist.


We have this picture again. Here, we focus on explaining the scoring of the game’s actual measurement.

1. The Red Magic 3 performance is slightly lacking in “Peace Elite”, but because it has a 90Hz refresh rate screen blessing, it can have a better experience in other games, get discretionary points, so play 2.5 points;

2. Black Shark 2 Pro has achieved the best in the range of 60Hz screen capabilities, and the performance of each game is very good. However, considering that it is a half-year iterative product, but still does not use the 90/120Hz refresh rate screen, so the final score of 2.5;

3. ROG 2 has the most luxurious hardware configuration among the three, even if it has a 120Hz refresh rate screen (higher requirements for hardware and software optimization), but the game performance is still more prominent among the three, so score 3 out of 3.

In general, the three major Gaming phones have demonstrated their strength as Gaming phones. However, they each have a slot visible to the naked eye:

1. The Red Magic 3 iteration model has not been released yet, and the hardware is slightly behind the other two rivals (such as Xiaolong 855 Plus and UFS 3.0);

2. Black Shark 2 Pro does not have a 90/120Hz refresh rate screen, and still maintains the screen level of Black Shark 2, and will wait for the competition of the high refresh rate screen after the launch of the Red Magic 3 iteration product;

3. ROG 2 Although there is a 120Hz refresh rate screen, there is a problem with the screen quality.


The Red Magic, the black shark, and the ROG are the three most famous series, which is why we chose them as the object of horizontal evaluation. As the test was completed, we felt so boring.

why? Because we think that the so-called Gaming phones are just like this, what they can do, the flagship phone may not be able to do it, but the flagship phone can do things, they may not be able to do it. This is also the biggest dilemma facing Gamingmobile phones at present: What advantages does the Gaming phone have to attract users?

This problem is currently not answered by us because the current mobile phone industry is also facing homogenization problems. However, the emergence of high refresh rate screens may be a way out for Gaming phones – by working with game makers to adapt to ultra-high frame rate modes on more mobile games, it is a good way to attract gamers.

With a high refresh rate screen, gaming phones have a chance to breathe in the face of most of today’s flagship phones. However, as the competition in the mobile phone industry intensifies, the flagship mobile phone in the future will incorporate more features on the Gaming phone, such as high refresh rate, high touch sampling rate, etc., which will further squeeze the living space of the Gaming phone. Gaming mobile phone This small category market will go in the future, we expect manufacturers to give answers to future products.


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