Red Magic 6S Pro Gaming Phone Preheats: Transparent Back cover, Visible Heat Dissipation Fan


Tencent red Magic game mobile phone 6S Pro will be officially released at 15:00 on September 6, recently, the official warm-up of this new product. The new product continues the deuterium front transparent panel of the Red Magic 6 Pro game phone, the back cover will be made of clear glass, can be seen inside the turbine cooling fan.

It is confirmed that the phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 Plus flagship chip, which will bring more CPU performance and better power performance.

Tencent Red Magic game mobile phone is made by Nubia. Red Magic 6 Pro series currently on sale has built-in graphene, thermal gel, ultra-light nano centrifugal fan, aviation grade cooling ice blade and other 7-layer cooling system, which ensures the continuous performance. According to igeekphone, Tencent Red Magic game mobile phone 6 confirmed that will continue to be equipped with 165Hz OLED screen, rear three camera, supporting 120W charging.

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According to China Mobile, Red Magic 6 Pro, currently on sale, won the title of best gaming phone in the China Mobile 2021 Smart Hardware Quality Report.


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