Red Magic 7 Pro Under-Screen Gaming Phone Released: From $757


Nubia Red Magic held a new product launch conference through live broadcast and officially launched this year’s first flagship mobile phone, the Red Magic 7 Pro under-screen gaming phone.

From the name, you can see one of the biggest highlights of the phone. For the first time, the Red Devils are equipped with an off-screen proactive solution on a gaming phone, so that the proactive camera is completely hidden under the screen, and the entire front is completely unobstructed, making the gaming experience more enjoyable. Immerse.

At the same time, the Red Magic 7 Pro also has a built-in UDC Pro screen display chip, which has two major control units, intelligent pixel enhancement, and an intelligent optimized display. The intelligently recognized screen usage scenarios make the display more accurate and consistent, while ensuring excellent selfies. Effect.

In terms of screen specifications, the Red Magic 7 Pro is equipped with a 6.8-inch OLED screen with 1080*2400 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, supports DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut, 10bit color depth, DC dimming can reduce stroboscopically, and also has The seventh-generation under-screen fingerprint technology supports heart rate detection.

In addition, this screen also supports a multi-touch sampling rate of 960Hz, which is compatible with the high frame rate of popular games such as “League of Legends Mobile Games”, “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite”, “Running Kart” and other popular games. mode, the overall game control is very good.

In terms of performance, the Red Magic 7 Pro is equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 top flagship chip, and is equipped with a full-blooded version of LPDDR5+UFS3.1 to form a powerful “magic three-ring engine”, and has a maximum of 18GB+1TB top-level physical memory combination. On the RAM BOOST memory acceleration technology, 6GB of virtual memory can be added to achieve a combination of 24GB+1TB of king fried memory.

In order to give full play to the hardware performance, the Red Magic 7 Pro is also equipped with the ICE magic cooling system, with 9 layers of heat dissipation materials; for the first time in the industry, the heat dissipation materials are piled up to more than 40000mm², and the total area of ​​the heat dissipation materials reaches 41279mm². Active cooling fans can squeeze out the performance of Snapdragon 8.

In addition, the Red Magic 7 Pro also has a built-in independent game chip – Red Core No. 1, which is blessed by the Red Magic’s self-developed algorithm to realize the four-in-one magic three-dimensional control of sound, light, vibration, and touch, with dual-touch shoulder keys, and dual Speaker + dual X-axis linear motor, game control is stronger.

In terms of battery life, the Red Magic 7 Pro is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery. It is equipped with the industry’s first 135W magic flash fast charge, which can achieve a 100% full charge in 15 minutes. At the same time, it also comes with the industry’s first 165W gallium nitride charger.

In terms of imaging, the Red Magic 7 Pro is equipped with a 64-megapixel main camera + 2-megapixel macro + 8-megapixel wide-angle three-camera combination, and the under-screen front camera is 16 million pixels.

In terms of price, the Red Magic 7 Pro is available in three colors: Deuterium Front Transparent, Dark Night Knight, and Cyber ​​Neon. It provides five memory combinations to choose from, starting from 12GB+128GB, starting at 4,799 yuan and will be available in February. The first sale was on the 28th.

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