Red Magic 8 Pro+ Review: The Ultra-Beast E-Sports Flagship


Since the birth of the game phone, it has gathered many cutting-edge technologies and top-notch configurations, only to create a game machine in the minds of gamers and geeks.

In April 2018, Nubia released its new product, the Red Magic gaming phone, which was specially designed to enhance the mobile game experience. It was the first to introduce air-cooled heat dissipation technology into mobile phones, and it has been nearly 5 years since then.

In 2019, the Red Magic gaming phone 3 became the first mobile phone equipped with air-cooled heat dissipation in the true sense. Four 14,000 rpm centrifugal fans were integrated inside the fuselage, making the cooling capacity of the mobile phone reach the top level in the industry.

In 2021, with the arrival of the Red Magic gaming phone 7 Pro, the first UDC under-screen front camera will become the first e-sports gaming phone to incorporate a true full screen.

As a veteran player in gaming phones, the Red Magic made another move at the end of 2022 and launched its latest gaming phone, the Red Magic 8 Pro+, with a brand-new appearance design that continues the previous generation of UDC under-screen proactive, square, and tough appearance and full-screen video. Efficiency, combined with a shark fin high-speed centrifugal fan of up to 20,000 rpm, is truly unique in the game mobile phone industry.

1. The best UDC under-display full screen ever

The screen on the Red Magic 8 Pro+ starts from the under-display flexible straight screen jointly created by BOE. It adopts the industry’s first independent pixel drive technology, which perfectly solves the problem of hidden proactiveness, the display effect of the involved area, and the poor proactive shooting effect. and other industry problems.

The support of the UDC Pro+ screen display chip also optimizes the algorithm for the transition effect between the proactive area and other areas under the screen. The overall display effect is more refined, and the shadow and dark light of the proactive screen cannot be seen at all. It has also become the Red Magic game ever. The best under-screen full screen configured on a mobile phone.

2. Snapdragon 8Gen2 and Redcore R2 self-developed game chip

A gaming phone must have full performance. The latest second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform is equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory, which guarantees the release of game performance. The game chip developed by Red Magic, Red Core R2, improves the user’s game operation experience. The rich customization of shock, equivalent, and sound effects and the intelligent scene recognition algorithm bring players an immersive and shocking sense of the game and realize the magic control of sound, light, shock, and touch.

3. ICE 11 Magic Cooling System

While the Red Magic 8 Pro+ has strong gaming performance, it also spent a lot of effort on the cooling system.

The industry’s first 3D ice-level double-pump VC heat dissipation, compared with the traditional single-chip VC and cool chip, the heat dissipation efficiency of VC has been greatly improved, and the heat dissipation volume has reached the industry’s top 2068mm³.

In addition, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ is equipped with a highly recognizable shark fin high-speed centrifugal fan, whose speed can reach up to 20,000 rpm. When we enter the game or charge, the cooling fan will automatically turn on, and the air inlet on the opposite side The air convection is formed, and the heat dissipation temperature and efficiency are greatly improved, thereby further ensuring the continuous and stable output of high frame rate images during the game.

The following are the detailed parameters of the Red Magic 8 Pro+:


The Red Magic 8 Pro+ has two colors: Deuterium Front Transparent Edition and Dark Night Knight. The version we received at KuaiTech is the Deuterium Front Transparent Edition. The front is a 6.8-inch flexible true full screen. The design with four sides and equal width makes the phone look very square, The highest refresh rate of 120Hz coupled with the touch sampling rate of 960Hz ensures the continuity of the picture in the game and the chirality of the control.

The Red Magic 8 Pro+ continues to be equipped with the under-screen front camera of the Red Magic 7 series. Thanks to the decentralization of black technology under the big screen in Xi’an, it perfectly solves the industry problems such as the hidden problem of the front camera, the display effect of the front camera area, and the effect of the front camera selfie.

Thanks to the OLED flexible screen and advanced COP packaging technology, the screen-to-body ratio of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ has reached 93.7%, which is at the top level in the industry. It looks like a screen from the front.

The back of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ adopts a brand-new “awakening” design concept, and continues the shape of the “hardcore mecha”. Through the transparent glass back shell, you can see the internal decoration and design structure.

A large area of ​​Kevlar texture is introduced inside the glass back panel, which gives people a strong sense of speed and competition. Seeing the phone is like picking it up and playing with it.

The three rear cameras are the main camera, ultra-wide-angle lens, and macro lens. There is a monochromatic warm-fill light above the three lenses. The camera modules are side by side and center, which is in line with the aesthetics of the public.

In the lower-left corner of the camera module, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ is equipped with a high-speed centrifugal cooling fan with a speed of up to 20,000 rpm. It has two modes of intelligent adjustment and extreme cooling. You can also set the conditions for the fan to be turned on, such as automatically turning on during games, Automatically turning on when charging, etc. At the same time, you can also turn on the equivalent of the fan and customize the sound effect, creating a cool gaming phone for extreme players.

The volume button of the mobile phone is located on the left side of the fuselage, and it also has a cooling vent. On the right side of the phone, there are fan cooling vents, a power button, and red e-sports button.

In addition, touch shoulder buttons are arranged on both sides of the frame, which can be used as an auxiliary plug-in in the game to kill the enemy in 1 second. The Red Magic 8 Pro+ uses this symmetrical dual speaker, with a rare 3.5mm headphone jack on the top and a Type-C charging port on the bottom. The Red Magic 8 Pro+ continues the 165W magic flash fast charging of the previous generation, and comes with a 165W gallium nitride charging kit at random.


The Red Magic 8 Pro+ is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which is based on TSMC’s 4nm process technology, and introduces the latest Cortex-X3 large core and the latest Adreno 740, which has significantly improved CPU multi-core performance and GPU continuous output capability.

The version we got is a 16GB+512GB version, LPDDR5X 4200MHz memory, and UFS 4.0 flash memory, which is pulled to the top in terms of configuration.

1. AnTuTu

In AnTuTu’s comprehensive performance test, the score of 1.31 million+ is very common among Snapdragon 8Gen2 models. The CPU score reached 285,960, which is about 20.6% higher than that of the Snapdragon 8 on the Red Magic 7 Pro, and the GPU score reached 575,764. , which is about 28.7% higher than that of the Snapdragon 8.

2. Master Lu

In the comprehensive test of Master Lu, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ ran a score of 1384319, which is about 14.1% higher than the previous generation of Snapdragon 8.

3. GeekBench

In the CPU single test, using Geekbench, the single-core 1393 and the multi-core 5175 were achieved. Compared with the Snapdragon 8, it has increased by 10% and 43.3%, respectively. It seems that the multi-core performance improvement is still relatively large.

4. GFXBench

In the single GPU test, use GFXBench to select six 1080P conventional tests, among which the first two Aztec ruins OpenGL and Aztec ruins Vulkan ran 156FPS and 179FPS respectively, the car chase frame rate was 127FPS, and Manhattan 3.1 The frame rate reaches 223FPS, which is nearly 38% higher than that of Snapdragon 8.

At the beginning of the test, the temperature of the mobile phone was not high, and the frame rates ran out were not much different. We mainly look at the last two Manhattan off-screen tests and T-Rex off-screen tests. The Red Magic 8 Pro+ can run 330FPS and 485FPS respectively, which is about 60% higher than the Snapdragon 8.

5. Androbench

The last is the flash memory test. The sequential read speed reaches 3529.87MB/s, and the sequential write speed reaches 2700.12MB/s, which are respectively 79% and 93.7% higher than those of the Snapdragon 8.

The random reading speed reaches 392.89MB/s and 574.014MB/s respectively, which are 41.5% and 78.8% higher than the Snapdragon 8 respectively.

Gaming experience

As a gaming phone, we have also selected the recently very popular large-scale mobile games, namely Dark Zone Breakout, Yuanshen, and Peace Elite. Among them, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ debuted the 120Hz high frame mode of Tencent’s game mobile game masterpiece Dark Zone Breakout. The operation of the mobile phone at a frame rate of 120Hz was also tested.

Let me explain our test conditions first. In an office environment with a room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, we will test these three games with a frame rate as the priority, and record the frame rate, power consumption, and temperature performance during the game.

During the game, we turned on the exclusive awakening mode of the Red Magic game phone, which can maximize the full performance of the CPU and GPU, and at the same time observe the real-time calling frequency of the CPU and GPU in real-time.

1. Breakthrough from the dark area

When the dark area breakout is turned on at 120 frames, the screen is switched to balanced by default. During the battle, the game runs at a maximum of 120FPS. When the backpack is opened to switch weapons and equipment, it will drop to 60FPS. After testing, during the nearly 20 minutes of the game, the average frame rate is maintained at 118.4FPS, and the picture is smooth and smooth.

In terms of power consumption, the average power consumption of a 20-minute game is about 5.0673W, which is quite satisfactory overall.

In terms of temperature, the highest temperature on the back of the fuselage is 38.6 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the front of the fuselage is 37.1 degrees Celsius. Holding the phone horizontally can only feel warm, and it will not feel overheated and cause discomfort.

2. Peace Elite

The Peace Elite mobile game runs with smooth image quality in 90-frame mode. After nearly 20 minutes of game testing, there was only a small frame drop during the period, but the continuity of the screen is still good, with an average frame rate of 90.4 FPS, the variance of the frame rate is 1, and the overall fluctuation is not large.

After all, it is a 90-frame mode, and the power consumption of 4.4W is much lower than that of the dark area breakthrough. In terms of temperature, the front of the fuselage is 38.4 degrees Celsius, and the back of the fuselage is only 37.3 degrees Celsius.

3. Original God

The last is the mobile phone killer Yuanshin game test. With the highest image quality + 60FPS mode turned on, during the nearly 15-minute game process, whether it is running maps, flying, or fighting monsters, the overall fluency is very stable, and the average frame rate is maintained. 60.1FPS, with an average variance of 2.1, among all the models we tested, the release of game performance is at the top level.

With the release of high performance, the power will definitely increase. The average power consumption of 5.3W is higher than that of the other two games, but it can be regarded as the comprehensive level of the Snapdragon 8Gen2.

In terms of temperature, the highest temperature on the front of the fuselage is 38.7 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the back of the fuselage is only 37.1 degrees Celsius.

With the help of the brand-new Red Magic Shadow Blade gamepad, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ brings players an all-around e-sports experience through zero-latency interface connection and exclusive optimization for Red Magic gaming phones.

At the same time, the handle provides a variety of custom button combinations, allowing users to obtain more realistic game tactile feedback.

However, for first-time users, a certain learning cost is still required. When we are familiar with the control logic and the location of the buttons, the operations such as combo, block, jump, and flight are coherent and free. Compared with chirality, the virtual buttons on the screen are stronger. Many, sniping the enemy can always be one step faster.

In the handle setting interface, we can add games that match the handle, set button functions, and conduct simulation tests to build a button system that suits us.


The Red Magic 8 Pro+ has three rear cameras, of which the main camera is a 50MP Samsung S5KGN5 with an ultra-wide-angle of 8 Megapixels and a 2 Megapixel macro lens.

The following samples were taken by Red Magic 8 Pro+

  • main camera
  • super wide-angle lens
  • main camera
  • super wide-angle lens
  • main camera
  • super wide-angle lens

In the daytime scene, the clarity of the pictures taken by the main camera and the ultra-wide angle is good, but the color uniformity of the ultra-wide angle is better than that of the main camera, especially the first set of samples.

In the night scene mode, the performance of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ is much better than that in the daytime when dealing with complex scenes. It should be because, in the night scene mode, the exposure will be increased, the color level will become richer, and the glare problem will also be improved. At the same time, the mobile phone also supports HDR synthesis and handles dark light in place, so you can get it right away.


The 2-megapixel macro lens is more than enough to shoot close-up objects, and the imaging effect is the same as that of mobile phones equipped with macro lenses on the market.


The Red Magic 8 Pro+ is equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery that supports up to 165W magic flash fast charging. We also used POWER-Z to test its charging speed.

Charging test

We started the test with the power consumption of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ down to 0%. The front desk showed that 100% was consumed for about 18 minutes. However, the charging power at this time was maintained at around 20W until the power dropped to close to 0W. It took 23 minutes to fully charge the battery. At the same time, the cooling fan can be turned on to dissipate heat during charging, which increases the time occupancy of high-power charging.

Therefore, we also checked the maximum charging power of the Red Magic 8 Pro+, which can reach 131W, but it only lasted for a few seconds, and then dropped to about 100W. After about 20 seconds, the charging power remained at close to 75W, from nearly 8 minutes. down to around 60W.

This is the charging time tested when the fan is not turned on. If the fan is turned on to dissipate heat, the charging time of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ may be shorter.

Endurance test

For the battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology.

In terms of test items, we chose the extreme power battery life test, and checked all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, and web browsing to simulate user usage scenarios and restore the real load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the real power consumption.

We set the screen brightness of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ to 50%, turned off the automatic brightness, the refresh rate is the default, and started the test from 100% power.

When the remaining power is 4%, the hardware dog gives a battery life result of 10 hours and 55 minutes. Therefore, the daily use time of the Red Magic 8 Pro+ can reach about 11 hours, which can fully meet the intermittent use of users throughout the day.


Red Magic 8 Pro+ is undoubtedly the mobile phone with the most comprehensive capabilities among gaming phones. The UDC under-screen proactive camera has created the latest form of gaming phones. Without the blocking of proactive cameras and sensors, it brings more transparent games to gamers. Vision, flagship-level hardware combined with multi-dimensional heat dissipation capabilities, Samsung’s high-end CMOS, and up to 165W charging power. In the field of gaming phones, Red Magic have achieved the top level of the attributes that these gaming phones should have and the configuration that ordinary high-end phones should have. , even to the point of being invincible.

1. Snapdragon 8Gen2+ Self-developed Red Core R2

Snapdragon 8Gen2, combined with the performance iron triangle of LPDDR5X and UFS 4.0, constitutes the most powerful gaming phone so far.

Red Magic 8 Pro+ In our game test, the highest picture quality of the hardware killer Yuanshen mobile game broke through the full frame, and the average frame rate can reach 60.1FPS. This is the first time among all the game phones we tested before. Due to the excellent heat dissipation system, the maximum temperature of the body is only 38.7 degrees Celsius, and holding the phone horizontally with both hands can only feel warm.

In addition, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ is fortunate to be the first model to break through the dark area at 120 frames. After our tests, the average frame rate can be stabilized at 118.4FPS, and the power consumption is only about 5W. The control of heat dissipation is comprehensive.

2. UDC under-screen proactive display effect

As the second Red Magic gaming phone equipped with an under-screen proactive camera, the existence of the under-screen proactive camera is completely unnoticed in daily use in terms of display effect. It can be vaguely observed that the Red Magic are really powerful in the field of off-screen proactive photography.

3. 165W dual-core flash charging game phone fast charging ceiling

The Red Magic 8 Pro+ is equipped with 165W magic flash charging, which charges a large 5000mAh battery. After the actual measurement, the front desk shows that it only takes 18 minutes to 100%. Inadvertently, the battery of the mobile phone is full, and it can be used for more than half a day after only charging for 5 minutes, which can be called the ceiling of fast charging in the field of gaming mobile phones.

In general, the Red Magic 8 Pro+ is not stingy in terms of performance, touch control, heat dissipation, shock, lighting effects, and sound effects. It only makes the coolest gaming phone for gamers. In terms of video, the 50-megapixel Samsung main three-camera module composed of a camera + 8 million ultra-wide-angle lenses + 2MP macro lenses can meet the needs of daily photography without any problem. The 165W magic flash can be fully charged in half an hour.

For extreme players who want to own a gaming phone, the full-fledged Red Magic 8 Pro+ is undoubtedly the best choice among many gaming phones today.

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