Red Magic 8 Pro Series is Equipped With 520Hz Gaming Shoulder Keys


The Red Magic announced today that the upcoming Red Magic 8 Pro series is equipped with a 520Hz game somatosensory shoulder key, which can achieve millisecond-level touch response, which is the fastest in the industry.  In order to allow players to have a more immersive gaming experience, this phone is also equipped with e-sports-grade dual X-axis linear motors.

At the same time, the Red Devils and “Peace Elite” jointly tuned the 4D game vibration, and the vehicles and weapons in the game are fully adapted to more than 200 vibration effects.

In terms of sound, the Red Magic8 Pro series will be equipped with 1115K+1216 super-linear stereo double speakers, with a larger sound cavity and a more vigorous sound.

Not only that, the new machine can also be used in conjunction with the Red Devil Shadow Blade handle, which perfectly supports popular mobile games and hosts 3A masterpieces. There is also the blessing of the Red Magic full control handle system, including exclusive UI and mapping scheme customization.

The Red Magic 8 Pro series e-sports flagship will be officially released at 15:00 on December 26. The new phone will be the first second-generation Snapdragon 8 gaming phone, which is worth looking forward to.

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