Redmi 10X Pro Review: Dimensity 820 7nm, Dual 5G, AMOLED Display


Xiaomi’s new series of mobile phones Redmi released a new mid-to-high-end flagship mobile phone Redmi 10X Pro, which is equipped with a new Dimensity 820 chip, supports dual 5G networks, and runs a new model of 410,000 points, the first time after the release We got this mid- to high-end phone, let’s take a look at what is different about the Redmi 10XPro without the Snapdragon processor.


The outer packaging of Redmi 10X Pro uses a pure white packaging box this time, and the trademark of Redmi 10X Pro is printed directly on the packaging box. In the packaging box, the font of the 10X representative model of Redmi 10X Pro adopts a gradient design, and it is also 5G in the upper right corner of the packaging box, which means that this is a mobile phone that supports 5G. The Redmi series of mobile phones have begun to exert all-around force and continue to launch new series of phones that support 5G.

Redmi 10XPro Design

Unlike the Xiaomi series of mobile phones, Redmi 10X Pro did not print the hardware parameters of the mobile phone on the protective film of the mobile phone. The protective film of Redmi 10XPro only printed the words of Redmi and the fingerprint recognition pattern on the lower part of the mobile phone. On behalf of Redmi 10XPro is a mobile phone that supports off-screen fingerprint recognition and unlocking.

The screen size of Redmi 10XPro is 6.57 inches, the material is Samsung’s AMOLED screen, and the internal pixel particles are designed according to the diamond arrangement. The Redmi 10XPro’s screen supports DC dimming, HDR10 +, and the screen length to width ratio is 20: 9. It also supports Sunlight 3.0, which is still very good in terms of display effect.

Redmi 10X Pro uses a more personalized body design this time. For example, the rear camera module is painted in black and is designed in the middle of the body. The appearance design of Redmi 10X Pro should be said to have a very high degree of recognition. Basically, this appearance can be recognized at first glance as Redmi 10X Pro.


Four cameras are designed in the rear camera module of the Redmi 10XPro, and the layout of these four cameras is also completely different. The two cameras on the top are integrated, while the two cameras on the bottom are Is separate. The lens combination of Redmi 10XPro uses a 48-megapixel lens + 30x zoom lens + 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens + 5MP macro lens. In terms of lens hardware parameters, Redmi 10XPro is still the mainstream flagship configuration.

Redmi 10XPro Hardware

The internal chip of the Redmi 10XPro is equipped with the latest 7nm process-manufactured Dimensity 820. This is the latest chip supporting the 5G network. At present, this chip has a running score of 410,000 points, and the performance is still relatively comparable Tough. The Redmi 10XPro is equipped with a 4520 mAh large-capacity battery, which supports 33W fast charging technology. It is also equipped with Ultra-Save battery dynamic management technology, which supports dynamic loan adjustment and saves 50% in power consumption compared to other mobile phones.


Redmi 10X Pro currently has two versions, the price is 8G + 128G version is priced at 2299 yuan, 8G + 26G version is priced at 2599 yuan, will you consider starting?


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