Redmi 8 VS 8A Series Review: 18W Fast Charge, Long Battery Life


Xiaomi officially released its Redmi 8 series in China, starting at 699 yuan. The Redmi 8 series has 8/8A two new models, all with a 6.22-inch drop screen, equipped with a Snapdragon 439 SoC. The difference between the two is that the Redmi 8 has a rear dual camera and fingerprint recognition, and the 8A is a rear single camera.

Design & Appearance

For the entry machine, Redmi can be said to be very familiar. In the early years, the digital and digital A series have excellent reputation and praise. Redmi 8 offers three colors: carbon ash, sapphire blue, and fairy green. Redmi 8A offers three colors: coral orange, deep sea blue and black night. Our models are sapphire blue and black night. The following are two new models. Machine map reward. The Redmi 8/8A uses a 6.22-inch drop screen with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and a resolution of 1520×720. It supports features such as sunscreen and eye protection mode.

In addition to the different camera configurations, the rear cover of the Redmi 8/8A is made of different materials. The former uses Corning Gorilla Glass, while the 8A is made of plastic. It is also worth mentioning that Redmi 8 is also popular on flagship phones. The film process, the ink layer, the optical coating layer, the UV texture layer, the multi-layer structure are stacked into a composite film and then injected into the surface of the fuselage by in-mold.

In the entry machine, even some thousand yuan machine ranks, plastic is still a common back cover material, let alone the entry machine, this Redmi 8 Series Review: 18W Fast Charge, Long Battery Life conscience uses a glass material, it is worthy of praise. The right side of the fuselage is the power button and volume button The left side of the fuselage is a SIM card slot, supporting dual SIM card + microSD card. The top of the fuselage is a noise reduction microphone, Redmi 8 has more infrared. The bottom of the fuselage is 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone, USB Type-C interface (praise), speaker. The two new models have built-in 1217 super linear speakers and a 0.85cc large sound chamber for speaker sound wave dedusting. The Redmi 8 series is shipped with Android UI-based MIUI 10. Officials say that MIUI 11 will be updated via OTA.

I believe that users who play mobile phones have already understood MIUI 10, which is one of Xiaomi’s most important projects. If you choose the best three-party ROM in China, MIUI can definitely occupy the forefront. Functionality and diversification are some of the highlights of MIUI. For example, in the Redmi 8 series, MIUI 10 has a minimalist desktop built-in, which greatly facilitates the use of elderly users. At the same time, as a backup machine, MIUI 10 also has the characteristics of small love classmates and full-screen gestures.


After 9 years of updating, the MIUI 10 desktop has matured and maintained its flat style. The overall design is visually comfortable and smooth, while the negative screen aggregates a lot of information, such as express and shortcut functions.

Gestures and little love classmates

In the era of full screen, the sliding back is already a common gesture of many three-way ROM, even the original Android 10 has added this feature, enough to see its convenience. However, this function is because the full screen makes the screen bigger and it is difficult to touch the three diamond keys. On the small screen mobile phone, the three diamond keys seem to be faster and more suitable.

Xiaomi has been deeply involved in ALOT for many years. Xiao Ai is one of the most important ones. It can set the alarm clock and smart home control in one sentence, which has become the standard function of the Xiaomi/Redmi mobile phone.

Minimalist desktop

The minimalist desktop is a function specially designed for the elderly. MIUI is not bad for human care. The important element of this desktop is that the font is very large. Any interface will put the main function in the easiest to see position. The group has a lot to help.


Redmi 8 is set to 12MP + 2MP AI dual-cameras, 8A is 12 million AI single camera, and the front is 8 Megapixel self-timer lens. Unfortunately, the two new models do not support the Super Night Scene mode, but the built-in AI smart camera can identify some scenes, such as adding some color optimization when shooting plants and the sky.

In the daytime proofs, it can be seen that compared to the Redmi 8A, the Redmi 8’s dual camera has an advantage, and the edge of the subject is more natural, although the light is dark, as an entry machine, this performance is at a normal level.

Speaking of the built-in AI camera, this feature quickly recognizes plants when shooting, but when shooting high-rise buildings, it takes a few seconds to display, there is still room for optimization.

Both new machines do not support the super night scene, it is not easy to shoot a pure night scene, the red light at the bottom is the road light line, which is a normal phenomenon.

Performance and Test Score

The Redmi 8/8A is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 SoC, which provides 3/4GB RAM+32/64GB ROM, and we all have 4+64GB version in hand. In addition, the series will later update the OTA with MI Turbo 2.0. The official said that it supports defragmentation I/O performance optimization, supports application startup speed optimization, simulates 24 months of use, and reduces aging by 35%.


After the actual test, the running scores of the two new machines are not much different, about 90,000 points, which is a normal level, because it is the entry machine, we will not explain the running points too much here.

Game testing

Although it is an entry phone, the test is still to be tested, we here to do a simple test of the game performance of Redmi 8, with the currently popular “Glory of the King”, Redmi 8’s performance is basically stable, of course, this is not open high In the case of frame rate, there is a catastrophic phenomenon during the team battle, but since its positioning is an introduction, it will not be mentioned here.


Lifetime is one of the highlights of the Redmi 8 series, all equipped with 5000mAh battery, which has a very big advantage for the standby machine, charging once, standby for two or three days is basically no problem.

Since the two new models are equipped with Snapdragon 439, 5000mAh battery and 6.22-inch waterdrop screen, the power consumption is basically the same, so the battery life and charging test use Redmi 8 data. We still use online video and games for simple endurance testing.

Online video endurance test
  • Starting with 62% power, connecting Wi-Fi, no SIM card inserted
  • After 30 minutes, the machine has 56% remaining power and consumes 6% of electricity.

Game endurance test

  • Still starting from 62% power, connected to Wi-Fi, no SIM card inserted
  • After 30 minutes, Redmi 8 has 56% remaining power and consumes 6% of electricity.
  • Due to the low performance, the power consumption of the camera and watching video is not much different.
Charging test

Very rare, Redmi 8/8A supports 18W wired fast charge, but the 10W charger comes with the package. The 18W charger needs to be purchased separately. We use the original charger for testing here. After the actual test, Redmi 8 took 10 minutes to 100% from 140% in 140 minutes, which is basically 7% of the charge in 10 minutes.

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This year’s smart market is called the winter, Lei Jun said at the Xiaomi company annual meeting at the beginning of the year, this winter, everyone’s days are not good, this is indeed the case, this year we saw more mobile phone brands disappear, and mobile phones The competition of the factory is fierce, especially the sub-brand of OV, starting to take the cost-effective route, it is obviously the sword refers to millet, so whether it is the flagship machine or the entry machine, the manufacturers are close to the price and configuration, do not give each other A little breathing space.

The Redmi 8 series is released in this environment. You can see that it is a well-thought-out product, especially on the Redmi 8. We have seen the change of attitude of the Redmi 8 Series Review: 18W Fast Charge, Long Battery Life to the entry machine, such as the double body. Face glass, 5000mAh battery, 18W fast charge, etc. These features, as an entry phone, are very rare in today’s market.

In addition, let’s talk about the convenience of the Redmi 8 series. From the perspective of the backup machine, the most important thing is the weight of the body. After all, it is the king of the road. The Redmi 8 is made of glass and weighs 190g. Redmi 8A’s configuration and materials have shrunk, but the weight has only been reduced by 2g, which is not friendly for users who prefer a lightweight standby, but considering the 5000mAh large battery, it will not say much.

As mentioned at the beginning, the entry-level machine is an important part of the mobile phone product line. Manufacturers can’t be scorned because of low prices and low configuration. Instead, they should take advantage of their low price and bring more practical products to users.

Update on Nov.8, ,2019

Time Product name Link on Coupon Price Stock
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8,3+32,Blue GBREDMI801 117.99 100
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8,3+32,Black GBREDMI802 117.99 100
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8,4+64,Blue GBREDMI803 132.99 100
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8,4+64,Black GBREDMI804 132.99 100
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8A,2+32,Black GBRMI8A01 98.99 100
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8A,2+32,Blue GBRMI8A02 97 100
11.8-11.11 Redmi 8A,2+32,red GBRMI8A03 97 100


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