Redmi AirDots 3 TWS Earbuds For Just at $43.99 [Coupon Deal]


Redmi AirDots 3 TWS is a cost-effective active noise reduction headset. The official claims that its noise reduction depth can reach 35dB. At the same time, the headset also has a transparent mode for vocal enhancement. The headset adopts Bluetooth 5.2 technology, and the full link delay can be as low as 69ms. The headset can automatically turn on the game mode (requires MIUI12 version support) to enhance the sound performance of the game.

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The shell is more restrained and low-key, but the headset is completely another CMF style. Seeing the headset, the first reaction is like a full and round ornament, which will change color under different light angles. Redmi AirDots 3 is probably achieved by adding a layer of acrylic with a process similar to the glass on the back of a mobile phone. It can be seen that the final light effect of this acrylic surface is quite beautiful. And this side is actually the operating area behind us to control the headset. On the edge of the acrylic, you can see a very small hole. This is the microphone used to receive ambient sound in the noise reduction or transparent mode. On the other hand, looking at the ear side, in addition to the charging contacts, there must be a pressure relief hole with a dust-proof net cover, and further up is a silk-screen logo to distinguish the left and right.


Redmi AirDots 3 has built-in dual microphones and supports CVC call noise reduction technology, which can dynamically reduce environmental noise and acoustic echo to achieve a more natural two-way conversation. It also supports True Wireless Mirroring technology to ensure synchronous transmission between the two main ears, improve connection stability, and reduce the occurrence of audio interruptions. The earphone is equipped with a 12mm large dynamic coil sound unit, which ensures deep and powerful bass and excellent dynamic performance. The latest Bluetooth 5.2 transmission protocol brings lower latency, lower power consumption, and a more stable connection experience.


Provides up to 6 hours autonomy, the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 TWS rechargeable up to 5 times, i.e., time up to 30 hours total autonomy. For this purpose, they are simply placed in a magnetic cassette and then use the USB classic Cables, inductive chargers, and even smartphones that can be reverse-charged.

Other Functions

Redmi AirDots 3 is also fully integrated into the MIUI interconnection ecosystem. Supports interconnected pop-up windows, which can realize convenient functions such as the first connection guide, opening the cover to display the power of each headset. It supports Xiaoai Lab, and can quickly call up smart scenes, find earphones, and anti-lost reminders.


This is a pair of cost-effective entry-level noise reduction earplugs, sold for less than half or even one-third of the price of the flagship, and can have an experience of 70% or 80%. And at present, most users’ evaluations of this headset are very proof.

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Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: NNNXiaomiBuds

Buy Redmi AirDots 3 at $43.99 on Geekbuying


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