Redmi AX5 Is Lowest-Priced WiFi 6 Router In the Xiaomi Family


Today, the Shenzhen Consumer Council’s 2020 router test report recommended the 5-Star for Xiaomi Mi WiFi 6 router AX3600. While the general manager of Xiaomi Group’s Intelligent Hardware Department Liu Xinyu said that I am not unilaterally announcing that Mi WiFi 6 router AX3600 is the most valuable WiFi 6 router in 2020. I don’t know how to thank it. Only upgrade the firmware of Redmi AX5 to support Mesh group chat form Thanks, it will be released immediately.

It is reported that Redmi AX5 is the first WiFi 6 router of Redmi and the lowest-priced WiFi 6 router in the Xiaomi family because its starting price is only 229 yuan (about $35). Xiaomi is the cheapest WiFi 6 router upgrade! Redmi AX5 will support Mesh networking. According to the official introduction, the Redmi router AX5 is full of high-priced materials at the same price. It has the following core points:

1. The Redmi router AX5 is powered by Qualcomm’s 5-core enterprise chip, 4-core powerful CPU + single-core NPU (network acceleration engine), so its overall performance is strong and stable.

Compared with the 28nm and above processes used in the industry, AX5 uses a new gene of 14nm process technology, which has lower power consumption and better heat dissipation control. There are so many high-performance components on the WiFi 6 board. If the design of the past WiFi 5 era is followed, without good manufacturing processes and heat dissipation control, the route will frequently passively down-frequency and overturn.

2. The Redmi router AX5 has 4 independent signal amplifier with a strong signal penetration ability. Some signal amplifiers are built into the chip, and the performance is not enough, so the external ones are what you can see on the board with naked eyes. We call them independent signal amplifiers.

3. The Redmi router AX5 uses 256M of large memory, which can realize the stable connection of 128 smart devices. It is specially prepared for Mi fans with more smart devices at home.

In addition, Redmi AX5 will support Mesh networking. This is a multi-node interconnected grid network, no need to switch manually when you walk around the house, the Internet equipment will automatically connect to the strongest signal, seamlessly switch without any sense, without any waiting for reconnection and stuck, Internet experience Very smooth.

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