Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition Now Offered at $27.99 [10$ Coupon]


The Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is a new headset released by Redmi. It has a good performance in terms of appearance design and parameter configuration. So how about the battery life of this Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition? Today, let’s make a specific evaluation, and interested friends can take a look together.

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Buy Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition on Hekka


The Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition has a tailless design and soft silicone cat ears, which can firmly fit the ears, bear even force, reduce pressure, and make them more comfortable to wear. The size of the earphone charging box is 60x46x23.7mm and weighs about 35g. It adopts Bluetooth 5.2, which is ready to use, and the connection is faster and more stable. The small body releases a lot of energy, and the built-in 6mm high-fidelity speaker unit can realistically restore the pleasant sound of the piano, the clear and magnetic human voice, and the sound of every movement. drum.

Redmi Buds3 Youth Edition adopts a Doudou in-ear design, which is smaller in size and lighter in weight than earphones with long handles. After taking out the earphones, you can see that the whole body of the earphones is black color, and the touchpad is equipped above the sound cavity of the earphones, which is convenient for users to perform touch operations. The panel is also equipped with an indicator light that can display the current connection status of the headset.

Sound Quality

The Redmi Buds3 Youth Edition uses a 6mm high-fidelity speaker unit, and the actual measurement supports SBS audio encoding. The sound quality is a subjective thing, not only the voice coil configuration, and audio coding, but also the tuning algorithm of the headphone unit. In the actual listening process, the low-frequency control is relatively good. In the bass part, the details are rich and clear; only the mid-high frequency part will have a broken sound.


The Redmi Buds3 Youth Edition can last up to 5 hours on a single charge, and up to 18 hours with the charging case. The ultra-convenient Type-C charging interface is compatible with most computer and mobile phone charging cables, so you don’t have to worry about finding the charging cable.


The Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition uses Bluetooth 5.2. The data transmission speed of Bluetooth 5.2 is 5 times faster than that of Bluetooth 5.0. Using Bluetooth 5.2, you can transmit and receive more data at a faster speed. And Bluetooth 5.2 can realize a variety of application scenarios, which helps to better reduce power consumption and improve the stability and reliability of the device while maintaining the connection.

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Where To Buy

If you are looking for a good-looking and budget TWS earphone for daily use, you might as well try this one. Redmi Buds 3 Youth Edition is now available on Hekka For Just $27.99. After using a Coupon Code: habib10, You will get 10$ OFF. Click the following button to order now:

Coupon Code: habib10

Buy Redmi Buds3 Youth Edition on Hekka


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